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  1. Scottsar

    Bushmaster or RRA Barrel?

    Thanks. What is CS?
  2. Scottsar

    Bushmaster or RRA Barrel?

    Thanks man. I've heard good things.
  3. Scottsar

    WTS: Eotech 512

    Still have it?
  4. Hey guys- very first post. Building my 2nd AR and need some feedback. Have Spikes upper and lower receivers complete and all I need to finish is a 16" mid length chrome lined barrel. Fixed front site would be nice and I've looked at quite a few sites like Brownells and Midway. RRA and bushmaster both have complete barrels with gas block and site for around $240-250. Looked at DPMS but it doesn't look like their stAndard barrels are chrome lined. Anyway-you guys know of any deals? If not do you like Bushmaster or RRA for same price?