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  1. rickyyasutake

    Welcome Blackhole Weaponry

    your company is getting great reviews... looking forward to shooting your product!!!
  2. rickyyasutake

    5.56 Group buy barrel accuracy

    is that the carbine length barrel ?
  3. rickyyasutake

    Lets see some Black Hole Pictures

    good looking rifles!! very interested in black hole weaponry barrel
  4. rickyyasutake

    Springfield XD pistols

    i love my xd45 on poin every time and no problems ever with it
  5. rickyyasutake

    iPhone app for CCW reference

    good info thanks!!!
  6. rickyyasutake

    Best >223/5.56 AR 15 ammo

    good looking rifles!!!!
  7. rickyyasutake


    cool rifle
  8. rickyyasutake

    New Frontier and Black Hole upper

    nice !!!
  9. rickyyasutake

    Do these handguards make me look fat ?

    nice post BCM!!!