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  1. rich52us


    http://tacticalweaponssolutions.com/tws-ri...;category_id=24 I bought the above rifle from them at one of the gun shows. It's a mid-length with a YHM quadrail. I had met Gregg Swift (Dir. of Ops) at a previous gun show and liked what he said about their rifles and the components they use. He seems honest and very knowledgeable. He compared his products to "The Chart" and it seemed to come out very favorably. Anyway, I've had the rifle a little over a month. I put an Eotech and MBUS sights on it, and a TLR-1 light. I'm using a Magpul 2 pt sling. The rifle seems to be very well made and the fit and finish are good. I sighted it in at a local indoor range. I've had it to one drill night, and one carbine match. It seems fine as far as accuracy goes, and it has rune like the proverbial Swiss watch. Not the hint of any failure so far in about 600 rds. Next Tuesday is another match. So far I'm a happy camper. Oh, by the way, I paid less than the price listed. If you have a CCW, Gregg can sell the rifle as an upper and lower, and you save 8% excise tax. You can save another 3% if you pay cash. I paid $934 OTD.
  2. rich52us

    1st AR

    Hello everyone. I just found and joined this forum. As you must know, I am unable to search until I have 10 posts. I am looking for my first AR. I have a couple of non-AR black rifle that I use for tactical carbine matches and drills. I'm considering one of the following: One of the RRA Operator models on sale now for $1,000; a Colt 6940 LE; Spikes Tactical; S&W 15T; or something similar that you can suggest. I may use a VFG, and I will probably add a light. I have an Eotec to go on it. I would prefer folding BUIS. I will probably use a sling similar to the Vickers. So what do you guys think?