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  1. I am wondering about anyones thoughts about a Daniel Defense M4 Carbine, XV EZ. Thanks.
  2. Yeah but he's really hesitent to order direct.
  3. Yeah It does have a two stage trigger. I thought that would be a plus, but I'm really experienced enough to know if it is or not. Stag requires an FFL and my dealer rather go through a distributor.
  4. I've ordered a Stag Arms Model 3, but my FFL has yet to find one available. But today I noticed that Rock River Arms has a sale going on for an Entry Operator 2 for 1000 vs the 739.00 for the Stag Arms. I was wondering if the RRA would be a better buy or not. Thanks for your help.
  5. I suggest the Lucid HD7 its suppost to be a good red dot sight, and I plan to get one soon. They usually retail for about $200 to $250.
  6. Definitely go with PMags, congrats with the Smith and wesson.
  7. To the site, and congratulations with the stag, I just ordered a Model 3 myself.
  8. To the armory. I suggest either a DPMS Oracle or if you can find one at a decent price, a Stag. They're both good beginner platforms and they're reliable. Good Luck on your purchase.
  9. To the site. I suggest a Stag Arms Model 3, their new model has a steel foregrip, which is nice, and for the price (around 800 - 900) it'll leave some money for mags and sights, etc. Good Luck
  10. Go stag Arms, they have the best options for their price, and they're good rifles.
  11. To the site, from a new person myself.
  12. Oh I know he said that he is giving me the best price in my county, and I am inclined to believe him, I'm gonna get it next weekend.
  13. Well I just went to a gun shop near my house, the owner is offering a Stag Model 3 for 739.99 + tax. I think this is what Im going to get next week. Thanks for all of the help.
  14. The stag model 3 is what I am aiming for, but is there a major difference in quality between the oracle and the model 3?
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