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  1. tankorama411

    Surplus Arms BCG or Used BCM BCG??

    Thanks for the thoughts. I really appreciate it, I think I'm going to save up a few more dollars and get the BCM or Stag/CMT
  2. Is the LMT sight the new lighter version or is it an older model? Thanks
  3. tankorama411

    Surplus Arms BCG or Used BCM BCG??

    All of the parts are new with the exception of the BCG and that was part of my question too "at what # of rounds fired should you be concerned about in regards to wear, tear and having to rebuild." specifically in regards to the bcg. So, used BCM over Surplus Arms? Thanks
  4. tankorama411

    Surplus Arms BCG or Used BCM BCG??

    I'm putting together my first economy build and I was going to buy a surplus arms bcg http://surplusammo.com/index.php?main_page...products_id=738 I have read that they are made by Wiltec, don't know much about them except that they are inexpensive ($98 including tax) I've been reading through the forums and consensus seems to be that the BCM bcg's are top notch http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-Bolt-Ca...20auto%20mp.htm It looks like those are selling around $90-100 used on the site, so would I be better ahead to buy a used BCM or go with the new Surplus Arms? Also, if I go with used at what # of rounds fired should you be concerned about in regards to wear, tear and having to rebuild. Thanks! FYI, these would be going in a Aero Precision M3 upper, CMMG 16" mid-length chrome lined 1:7 barrel and Aero Precision lower with Stag LPK Thanks Much!
  5. Just thought I'd pass this along. I bought a tapco 6 position ar stock for$ 57 and free shipping. Sale ends valentines day. Those stocks retail from 65-79, lots of other good stuff too.
  6. tankorama411

    Aero Precision and Surplus Arms quality?

    Thanks, appreciate it. I'll keep my eyes open for some
  7. tankorama411

    Aero Precision and Surplus Arms quality?

    Forgive me ignorance, but will a 6.8 upper work for 556, and if so are there any extra's for sale that I could buy? Were those stripped uppers? Thanks!
  8. tankorama411

    Recent WAC gun show-Puyallup

    I've never gone, are these a pretty good place to pick up parts at a decent price? Starting my first build, have a 16" mid-length CMMG 1:7 Chrome lined. Trying to find a reasonably priced upper. Aero down in Tacoma seems a pretty good deal at $79
  9. tankorama411

    Our Own Little Corner Of The Site

    Mill Creek reporting in
  10. tankorama411

    New here

    Just signed up the other day, love the sight. I'm going to be putting together my first build, should be a good time. Ian Mill Creek, WA
  11. tankorama411

    Hey Washington people

    Thanks, new here. I'll go check it out
  12. I'm building my first AR and was looking at Surplus Arms website. Their prices for SA lowers and Aero lowers are really cheap - $75 and the Aero uppers are $79 complete. SA also has a complete BCG for $89. All of these prices seem pretty low, is there anything to be leery about? Thanks
  13. tankorama411

    Aero Precision Parts??

    I putting together my first build and I wondered if anyone has experience or opinions on Aero Precision or Surplus Arms parts?? They seem really inexpensive Upper: $79 http://surplusammo.com/index.php?main_page...products_id=900 Stripped Lower: $75 http://surplusammo.com/index.php?main_page...products_id=710 Surplus Arms also has a complete lower for $165 http://surplusammo.com/index.php?main_page...products_id=819 and a BCQ for $89 http://surplusammo.com/index.php?main_page...products_id=738 Thanks
  14. tankorama411

    BCG & Upper Question

  15. tankorama411

    BCG & Upper Question

    Evening All - I have a question regarding bolts and uppers. Will there be any accuracy/maintenance issues mating a used bolt group and new upper/ used bolt used upper or new bolt and used upper? Thanks