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  1. Kopf_Jaeger

    Surefire E1B "Backup"

    Cheapest place I've found to order CR123a's... Great service and quick to ship too http://www.batteryjunction.com/12pk-titanium-cr123a.html
  2. Kopf_Jaeger

    favorite survival knife

    Depends on how much you're wanting to spend. The Randalls & Striders are awesome, but pricey. I've been using a couple of Beckers for awhile now and love them. I've taken down trees and batoned a ton of campfire wood with the BK9 a to a lesser degree the BK2 as well.
  3. Kopf_Jaeger

    Tom Brown Tracker

    I too have a Tracker and love it, I've used mine for just about everything, however I found the factory sheath to pretty much suck... I ordered a Sheath from this guy, quick turn around and MUCH better than the factory sheath, I just ordered one for my Tom Brown Scout this morning. http://customknifesheath.com/t1trackermagsheath/