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  1. publicenemysi`

    This is unbelievable...

    I OC everyday (Living in Kentucky) and even from my view point the guy pretty much got what he deserved. I've only been stopped by a LEO once and he was rather nice about it. And even then it was all "yes, sir" "no, sir". Now if the LEO had already drawn on me, I wouldn't have moved an INCH except to do EXACTLY what he was telling me to do. That's just common sense.
  2. publicenemysi`

    Concealed VS Open Carry

    To expand on what desperado8605 said, in Kentucky we have preemption laws so that local governments can't make restrictions for either CC or OC, it's just anything already regulated by federal law. I open carry on my thigh and besides some funny looks sometimes, most people just assume that if they can already see it and I'm not trying to hide it then I'm prolly not going to do anything with it. Sheep only run when you say "boo".
  3. publicenemysi`

    New guy here..Showing my AR57 SBR

    Wow, that looks really well done, how well does the spent brass dump into the Pmag? I hadn't thought about doing that I had just resorted to standing over my backpack with it open for the longest time.
  4. publicenemysi`

    FN Five Seven

    I had the chance to fire a Five-seveN a week or so ago at a indoor range, and I don't really think I can express how much I love the pistol and the cartridge. I started off at 10 yards simply because I had never held or fired one before and after putting 10 rounds (fairly rapid) into center mass I pushed the target out to 20 with the same result (though with a larger spread as I haven't shot in quite awhile). It makes a hell of a bang and lights up like a christmas tree in central park, but it hardly has any recoil at all. Now I can't really speak as to the penetration of the round as I was just killing paper, but as for the firearm itself, I wouldn't have any problem using it as my carry weapon (though I live in Kentucky and OC daily so I'm not as worried about the frame profile). It settled in my grip well, weighed not much more loaded than a topped off metal AR magazine and was extremely easy to control. Honestly, if I hadn't just bought an AR I would have probably gotten a Five-seveN to replace the Walther I carry now.
  5. publicenemysi`

    Open carry laws?

    There really are no laws for open carry as it is granted to you in the Kentucky Constitution, for the most part the majority of the places you cannot OC are places that you cannot normally carry a firearm into anyways. (Court houses, jails, ect. Though schools you can if you have the administrations permission.) As far as OCing daily I do it and I've never had a call placed on me, you just have to have a certain way you present yourself. (Don't dress like a thug, don't carry it in your waistband though that is still 'legal' in KY) I carry a Smith and Wesson SW99 in a Blackhawk Serpa thigh rig, though it probably does help that I still wear my dog tags and every jacket I own has a flag on the right shoulder. As far as it being on your leg in a traffic stop it's not illegal so long as it doesn't get covered by something as it is still being openly carried on your person (I had to research this as I'm left handed so my rig would be between me and the door), though you still have to be 21 to buy a pistol and carry it. For the most part people seem to assume that if you're carrying in plain sight and you're respectful and courteous then it really isn't an issue, they may not like it or understand why you do it but contrary to what is shown, most people are reasonable. As I told the rather nice LEO in Madisonville (even though I didn't have to stop because KY is not a stop and identify state), I carry for three reasons: 1. Because I can, it's a right set to me in two different constitutions and if I don't use my rights I lose them. 2. Because I understand that the police are not there to protect me, sure they'll do it IF they can, but their job is to solve a crime and catch the person responsible, and the only person who is responsible for my life is me. And finally 3. Because I never know when something might happen. If some little wannabe thug or gangbanger sees that I openly have a firearm, how likely is he to try something with me? (And yes CC guys, it ruins the surprise and if I'm in a building they're going to target me first.) But I still think that people who commit crimes are cowards first and foremost. Sorry for being so long winded, 2nd amendment rights are something I'm really passionate about. Hope that helps you.