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  1. Happy Birthday Drewirvin!

  2. Sorry no pics, havn't got it yet, I'm just trying to plan it out before hand. Thanks for the help, looks like the bottom line is, rifle length handguards or shorter for a rifle length gas system, which is what will be standard on a 20 in. barrel, and you need a low profile gas block to put the longer rifle length hand guards over a short carbine style gas system. Any recommendations on some reasonably priced HG's, Like I said, the choices are many
  3. Pretty new to the AR, I’m about to finish my first one with a flat top upper and a 20 in. barrel. At the same time I would like to get some aftermarket hand guards but the choices are overwhelming, First Question – the hand guards never list a Length and if they do I’m not sure how long I need, is the “rifle length” made for 20 in. barrels and the “carbine length” made for shorter barrels? Second Question – how much does the free floating hand guard affect the accuracy, and if I go with the free floating, sometimes I see end caps for sale, sometimes I don’t, how do I know if they are needed. Lastly – how does all this fit into or over the gas system, I had planned on keeping the standard front site with bayonet lug , but honestly I’m not sure what my other options are? I want to put a scope on the flat top, is it difficult to change the front site/gas system after the fact? That should do it, thanks for all the help. Drew
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