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  1. Had a few nice days here in Missouri, so I dusted off the 05 Road King and been riding on those days
  2. I know this question has probably been asked before, but because I am a nubie on this forum I can't use the search function.. So here it is . Has anyone with a colt sp1 shot tracer rounds or had any problems with shooting them... thanks
  3. I'm new to this forum, and hadn't read about the bad ammo from UMC.. Bought 200 rds from Cabelas for $65.00.. The yellow box, have fired about 60 rds with one ftf out of a colt sp1..I guess I won't buy any more once this box is gone..
  4. I would be interested in a magazine if still available
  5. I'm new to this forum, and I'm sure this topic has been dicussed before, but does anyone make a case deflector for a colt sp1
  6. where can I get the brunton bump thanks
  7. I know this is way late, but is the colt sp1 still for sale
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