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  1. Wild Prairie

    They made it!

    My brand new G29 and G20 both in OD Green came in last week. Just got some Pearce grip extensions for the 29. No other changes yet....no money left Sweet guns!
  2. Wild Prairie

    Anyone see the AMT .30 carbine semi on Broker?

    Didn't High Standard aquire AMT? If so, parts may be available through them if needed.
  3. Wild Prairie

    G20 steal of the day...

    You should feel like a criminal! Send it to me so you can stop feeling bad!! LOL! Glad you found a great deal! A G20 is going to be my next gun....but probably not at that price.
  4. Quite spendy..but if ya gotta have it and have the cash, more power to ya! I, however, do not have the cash :biggrin:
  5. Nice job. Post up some ballistic data!!! This is a good excuse to invest in the chrony!
  6. Wild Prairie

    New to 10mm

    LOL! Probably not the best...but I've made far worse!
  7. Wild Prairie

    New to 10mm

    Thanks for the friendly welcome!!!
  8. Wild Prairie

    Guide Rods/Springs

    How durable are the stock guide rods and springs on the G20 and G29? At what load would you consiter it important to change out to a heavier set up?
  9. Wild Prairie

    10mm carbine

    I would agree with TaosGlock on just about everything. I do, however, like a collapsible stock. I can't argue the "packability" of a folding stock though!
  10. Wild Prairie

    New to 10mm

    Thanks for the welcome!
  11. Wild Prairie

    New to 10mm

    New to the forum. I have gleened a ton of great info from you all...THANKS!! As a result, I now have a G29 OD green on order!!! Looking at getting a G20 soon also...don't want the 29 to be lonely