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  1. Yeah I even got a great deal on the 29sf but maybe because it was used I just couldn't be excited about it like my other guns. Wierd I know. Also, when I tested the .40 Lone Wolfe barrel on it I had all kinds of problems with feeding issues and the slide locked back during firing and stuck. The conversion barrel was the real selling point for me so it was easy to let go since it was obvious it had problems with that barrel. I'm much happier with the P Carry. Although, my all steel witness compact with the 7oz. heavier square slide and fully adjustable sights is much more accurate. I imagine your Match is even better and groups them well. Only thing I'm having trouble with is finding bulk range ammo that doesn't cost a fortune.
  2. Dude - i'm glad the Match is working out for you. The conversion seems awesome too. How many rounds of .22 does it hold? My Witness compact now has a heavier square slide and works awesome. I also ended up selling the glock 29sf and picked up your nemesis - the P Carry in 10mm. Mine works perfect and I love the feel of it. You must of had a dud. I just couldn't get excited about the glock - never fealt right in my hand. Lastly, I was in my gun shop and looked down and saw a Witness Classic 2 full size in 9mm and one in 40. Ended up picking up the 40mm. These are a bit smaller frames in the grip as they were only made in 9mm and 40mm. They are all steel and were limited runs. I bought it on the spot. EAA doesn't even have these on their site. The feel in the hand is amazing and it shoots flawlessly. Btw there is a .22 conversion kit there for this for $150 that I'm considering. There is something about these guns I love even though there are some issues that need to be addressed. The Match might be next on my list after hearing how well yours runs.
  3. Well I'm here to tell you My slide cracked twice and I was not using +P ammo. EAA did replace the slide both times. This last time they replaced it with an older design slide which is beefier but I just got it back today. I'll test it out and report back.
  4. OK - Just received my Witness Compact back from EAA today. Took a week longer than the first time I sent it in. I did finally speak to Paul Richter himself this time. Ironically he told me the slide was not cracked - which I didn't argue with him because it was a faint hairline crack and there was a small piece of metal under the spring rod holder that chipped off while I was inspecting it. He already agreed to replace the slide again so I did not want to press my luck. Now - here is where it gets funky. I unpacked the gun and was surprised to find a completely different style slide - looks to be the older square slide with adjustable sites. Much beefier than the rounded slide adding a bit more overall weight to the gun - which I don't mind as long as the slide doesn't crack!!!!!!!! Also, there is now a safety lever on both sides as opposed to the left side before - not a fan of that but not a deal breaker. So here are my questions - did they have to replace my barrel too for this new slide? Also, I purchase a wolfe 22lbs. spring for the gun when I first bought it. However, Wolfe doesn't specifically make a recoil spring for the compact 10mm - they do for the 40 compact but it is a single spring. The Compact 10mm witness uses a dual spring - so is the single 22lb Wolfe spring for the 40 compact witness what everyone else uses in their compact 10mm witness? Lastly - although the problem should never of happened to begin with - I am pleased that EAA worked with me to make this right.
  5. 7 weeks? WOW!!!! Who did you order it from? I've seen several G20's but not the SF version. You should be able to find a G20 pretty easily. As far as the compact witness, my opinion is that the metal is heat treated too hard making it brittle combined with being too thin as you mentioned. In addition the stock spring is inadequate to deal with the recoil. I also agree that the fit is amazing even with my smaller hands - was the main reason I bought it.
  6. Decided to get back into 10mm huh? I haven't heard any negative comments on the Match - so hopefully you will be ok. I was considering that as an option if EAA doesn't refund my money. I'm just hesitant with their products now after what I've experienced.
  7. I agree totally about it being a safety issue. I'm very surprised with the number of slides cracking that no-one has been seriously injured. I could imagine lawyers lining up to take this case. Funny thing is, I contacted EAA twice before purchasing this gun and was assured that the "cracked slide" incidents happened a few years back and Tanfoglio has since corrected the problem. They played it off as if it were an isolated incident and I should have nothing to worry about with the current models. Guess they were just "guessing" as well. IMO what needs to be done is a total recall of all Witness 10mm. Isolate the problem and fix it. Isn't that what most responsible companies do? Instead EAA is playing the odds until someone is seriously injure while spinning the same old rhetoric that it's the customer's or the ammo's fault.
  8. Have you found a G20 yet? I was looking for a week or so for the glock 20sf and nobody had them. Did you end up selling your Witness?
  9. It's back at EAA for the second time with a cracked slide. Hoping they just refund my money so I can wash my hands of it. I still would like to get a Ruger .357 magnum some day so maybe I'll trade up for it with the Witness. I just had to snatch the 29sf before it was too late.
  10. A buddy of mine that works at the range I use had a Glock 29sf that he wanted to sell to help pay some bills. I am usually reluctant to purchase used firearms but this was too good of a deal to pass up. Besides I know him and he has let me shoot this gun several times and it has never had a hickup. He purchased new in December 2010 so it's only a few months old and he was only asking $500 for it out the door. Best part is what it came with: 1) Trijicon Night Sights 2) Factory Sights 3) Upgraded slide release 4) Two 10 rd magazines 5) Two Pierce Grip extensions 6) Additional Lone Wolfe .40mm barrel 7) Safari Land positive lock holster 8) Brand new Shooting gloves 9) Range bag 10) And he is going to throw in an $80.00 IWB holster that he just ordered Let me know if you guys think this was a good deal. With all the problems I've had with the EAA Witness I needed a break like this.
  11. Just a quick update. I received the Witness compact back from EAA last week. They replaced the slide and recoil spring. Took it to the range the day I got it back. Still I had issues with FTF's and the slide seemed to slam back and forward harder than before using all standard pressure factory ammo. When I finished I checked the slide again and guess what - it had 3 faint hairline cracks in it!!!!! I shipped the gun back the next morning with a letter requesting a refund. This is beyond ridiculous. They need to re-evaluate the 10mm in the Witness line and start from scratch. I'm waiting to hear back from EAA. Once I do I will keep you posted.
  12. Sorry that happened to you. The same thing happened to my compact 10mm in wonder finish. I sent it to EAA and they replaced the slide and spring. I got it back and went to the range and the damn slide cracked again!!!! I sent it back to EAA with a letter to Paul Richter requesting a refund. Check out my thread in the new 10mm section. I am completely frustrated with EAA and went out and bought a Glock 29sf. Sometimes a guy has to lick his wounds then pamper himself.
  13. Bought some 10mm ammo from him when he traded his Witness for a .357. Very easy and smooth transaction with Paypal. Intercooler is good dude. Has always been very helpful and a wealth of knowledge.
  14. LOL - nice analogy. However, I guess the point is having a semi auto that fires a round nearly equivalent to a .41mag. I'm not a fan of Glocks either. They are ugly and feel horrible in the hand - yet they seem to have less issues shooting the heavy stuff than most out there. Just need to upgrade the barrel and spring. Still cheaper to go that route than a Kimber or Delta Elite.
  15. Not sure about a longer slide but I have seen pics of a G20 with a longer slide. As far as the grips. I have been contemplating the 20 as well. Just waiting to see what EAA is going to do with my witness first. Here is a link to a place that does custom grip reduction. Seems like a good option. I've fired the G29 SF and even with the 3 mm reduction it still feels like a 2X4. The hump on the back strap digs into my hand. I would opt for the reduction even with a SF model. Which makes me think why get the SF at all - just find a G20 and get it reduced. Here's the link: http://www.gripreductions.com
  16. I sent them a lengthy email prior to this happening letting them know about all the other cracked slides that I discovered on various forums like this. Never heard back from them
  17. Well tell her I said thank you for asking that question. I have a copy of that in case EAA denies my warranty
  18. Thought I would share this info with you guys. This is off EAA's Facebook wall: "Two questions...1. can you buy and swap elite match top ends for caliber conversions? 2. from the manual, what does: DO NOT USE +P Ammo or and High Velocity High Pressure Ammunition (factory or hand-loaded) in terms of 10mm? Rated for fullpower 10mm like DoubleTap?" Here is EAA's response: "Heather - to answer your questions: 1. With the Match, you can convert to any caliber conversion kit. We sell these kits, but they do need to be fitted to the individual gun. The kit has the whole upper slide assembly and comes with one maga...zine. SRP is $245 for all except the .22 kit which is $234. 2. After speaking with our service department, they said you should be fine with any factory ammo as long as it is NOT a +P load. The +P load is a very high-pressure load. I have made a copy of this and will send it to EAA in case they decline my warranty.
  19. The manual does not specifically say "Full Power Loads" . It says "High Pressure loads" which I talked to their customer service about and they told me it meant +P. I specifically asked them about Double Tap and was told as long as it was not +P I was fine. There is also a similar question posted to their Facebook account where someone asked the same question about DoubleTap Ammo. The response from EAA was exactly the same. So I am to read this and the following statements that like most manufacturers they do not recommend +P. None of DoubleTap ammo is +P. Therefore should be safe to fire out of the Witness. Now, why would a manufacturer design a 10mm that could not fire the full 10mm ammo. That seems silly. Most people are attracted to 10mm for the original loadings which is what DoubleTap provides. The watered down version of the 10mm is nearly equivalent to the .40 S&W and as I stated before if I wanted a .40 I would have purchased one. I spent a great deal of time online and on the phone with EAA and DoubleTap making sure this ammo would be o.k. to fire. I would not of done so if I wasn't fully convinced it wasn't.
  20. I ordered a bunch of accessories for my new compact witness - 3 new magazines, a 20# recoil spring, 3 +5 magazine springs, 2 holsters and various ammo. Installed the springs and headed to the range Saturday morning. I was eager to see if the recoil spring and magazine springs made any difference to the FTF's I was having. The result was no difference - I had just as many stove pipes - failure to feed, and locked back slides as before. I even tested the gun with the factory springs - same issues. I was using Hornady 155 and 180, Blazzer and Double Tap. Didn't matter what I loaded, every magazine had 1 or 2 issues. I was in hopes that theses things would begin to settle down after a 300 round break in period - but I was wrong. Now for the scary news. I bought a couple boxes of DoubleTap 135 grain and decided to try a box to end the day. Because this is a stouter loading I was checking the slide periodically. Even breaking the gun down to see if there was any problems. When I was on the last round in a magazine I felt something hit my face- nothing big but something did blow back and hit my cheek. So I cleared the weapon and inspected the slide. About an inch back from the end of the barrel I saw a faint mark. It almost looked like a scratch at first. So I decided to break down the gun and sure enough it was cracked on both sides extending across the rails. Tomorrow first thing I will be on the phone with EAA. This gun was purchased new on 2/20/2011 and has less than 400 rounds through it. I am going to try getting a refund because I will never be able to have confidence in shooting this. Unlike the full size version where in the past they swap out the slide with a different model - I don't think that is the option for the compact. At best what I see them doing is replacing the slide - but that does me no good because it will be prone to cracking under heavier loads as well. I need a gun that can shoot the "true" 10mm loadings because the reason I bought a 10mm was to have a gun that can be used while I fish in remote areas that have large black bear populations. If I wanted a .40 S&W I would have bought that. I'll admit , I've never had a gun do this. I was a little shooken up when part of my slide blew back and hit me in the face. It's about time Tanfoglio addresses this problem instead of blaming customers or shrugging it off as isolated instances. I spoke to EAA several times before purchasing this and was assured there would be no issues. I will keep you posted on what comes of all this. Safe to say that no matter what happens I will not be owning a Witness 10mm.
  21. Just curious if you adjusted your grip per my description in your other post. So that you fire this with your left index finger if you are right handed. You get a much much better purchase on this little beast and the trigger pull becomes easier as well. As far as being a "last ditch" gun - I think that is a semi adequate statement. However once you get more use to it - your confidence in it will grow. I personally carry mine as a primary personal defense weapon and feel very confident that it will get the job done. I load it with a .45lc hard cast in on barrel and .410 000buck in the other. First shot is .45lc. I am very accurate with both barrels up to 20 feet which is more than enough for what I consider a threat. Now - one thing I have noticed is that because of the short barrels some ammo doesn't stabilize well. You have to test different ones. For me though the best use for these guns is with the .410 barrel. I have a 3 1/2" barrel and it works great with 2 1/2" 000buck. Federal and Winchester both make great choices. Each fire 4 pellets that are a bit smaller than a .380 I believe. Very devastating when you think about it. 4 shots at one time. From 15 feet away I have disintegrated a watermelon with one shot. I would like to pick up the 4 1/4" .410 barrel too jut to have a little extra velocity and tighter patterns. The 3" barrel just seems too small for anything meaningful. After you subtract the length of the cartridge you are left with about a 2" barrel. That is why I think the barrels set up for .410 make this a far more useful defensive tool.
  22. The GP 100 is a good gun. Did you initially get the 10mm for a woods gun?
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