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  1. blackhawk does make the paddle holster with the auto lock and finger release. i refreshed the blackhawk page and it showed 10 pistols it didnt show before that and the standard size xd/xdm is on there. thats weird.
  2. The problem with the holster it comes with is that when oklahoma passes the open carry bill in the next few weeks that i dont want someone to be able to just walk up behind me and sweep my gun out. this seems dumb to some but try it. ive walked around the house and told my family to sweep my gun at an unexpecting time and even someone who has never held a handgun can sweep your gun out of these holsters if they catch you off guard. rarley am i off guard and my head not on a swivel but i just want that extra protection that makes me feel better.
  3. Is there any holsters out there that have locks on them kind of like the blackhawk serpa's, but are made for xdm's and if so is there any holsters out there like that, that also will take a xdm with a tactical light on it? I got the xdm .40 with the 4.5 in barrel. Any help will be appreciated thanks.
  4. by the way as i just post in the tactical shotgun forum. i just got me remington 870 tactical shotgun a few days ago. and its AWESOME!
  5. Just got me a Remington 870 tactical the other day and let me tell you, it is by far one of my favorite defense weapons that I own. Anyone else owned or has them? what do you all think of them?
  6. the only thing that i dont like by magpul is there spring loaded flip up sights(more springs just means more shat to break, for everyday shooters there fine, but in a combat situation i dont think those magpul sights would be ideal) and there rail system. i prefer my knights armament ras m4 rail system with there rail covers. and i have a MI rear flip up sight on my colt le6920.. I am however putting the magpul stock and grip on my weapon and am switching to pmags. I already have the amadextrous sling attachment and ms2 sling, which in my eyes is the best product by magpul. sorry i have been so innactive in my own thread, weve been really busy down here in oklahoma. when i get around to some pictures I will post them ASAP!
  7. I have a sling mount up front already on my ar15 and with my ms2 sling i just undo a clip and clip onto front sling mount and i go from single to double i'n 2 seconds i don't think i need the rsa
  8. i just picked up a magpul rvg forward grip, asap ambidextrous sling adapater and ms2 multi mission sling system and let me tell you i like the rvg forward grip alot better then i thought i would, but the sling adapter and sling system is just phenomenal. it is an amazing system especially with the ambidextrous sling mount. anybody else use this system at all or have you seen it. what do you all think? i am really personally blown away and highly recommend this stuff.
  9. Would you be interested in trades at all. I got rid of my comp m2 because a friend wanted it bad and now i'm stuck with my 552 eotech which I'm wanting to trade off?
  10. For what I use it for I like this aimpoint comp m2 i picked up. I hunt alot, and do quite a bit of target shooting up to 200 meters. for this the aimpoint is great but you still have the versitility of using it for cqc. if i was going to afgahn or iraq tomorrow and I was to be operating mainly is tight spaces my money would be on the eotech. if i was just hunting and/or target shooting i would go with aimpoint. but the determining factor is which one is better. in my personal opinion i say the aimpoint because its more accurate with my use down range and if trained properly can be just as effective in cqc. i believe the aimpoint stays zeroed better though its hard to knock either off and the aimpoint battery life is alot longer which i dont take this in as a determining factor seeing how the battery life of both is so long. so conclusion. for cqc weapon sight eotech in my opinion takes it all the way. for best all around sight aimpoint takes it. i prefer the aimpoint. now these are all personal opinions. and I do have a eotech 552 sitting next to my aimpoint comp m2 so theres no favoritism, because i keep both. but still aimpoint for me if i had to throw one out. best thing to do is go try both out and see for yourself which one you like best. now one last quick fact i forgot to leave out, ive heard of soldiers of all branches at war that might not have access to a certain sights or who are issued acogs or eo's(marines) only have there personal aimpoint sights shipped to them and mount them on there issued guns for combat. just another thing to think about, but how much combat are you getting into also is something to think about. you might try the cheaper route as stated by Alden. nothing wrong with that. if all else fails theres nothing wrong with sticking with iron sights only, thats how i shoot 90 percent of the time and i have the aimpoint and eotech both.
  11. I've looked at the t1's and like them, but am leaning toward the comp m2. i like the flip up lense covers and like what i have read about them. what kind of lasers are on your weapons xtackleberryx?
  12. Hey guys thanks for all the good advice i just wanted to get some of you alls two cents before i traded off my eotech. I have a 552 eotech and i might trade it off for a m2 just to try out. i have alot of people telling me to go for the aimpoint so we will see!
  13. I wanted to start a new thread on aimpoint vs. eotech dicussion. I have a eotech 552 on my ar15 but was thinking of gettting rid of it but i'm just not sure yet. the eotech is awesome in my opinion but i have never shot with a aimpoint. i was looking at swapping my eotech for a comp m2, m3, or m4s. What are some opinions, feedback and just how do you feel about the two against one another?
  14. Hey How's it's going? I'm Corey from Lawton, OK. I been a member of the site for a week now and missed this part. I'm not new to the scene of firearms i'n general at all, but I'm not a pro with ar's by no means. I posted some pics i'n the picture thread of some of my stuff. I'm currently shooting a colt le6920. But have had armalites, and bushmasters. I shoot and carry flock pistols(hense the name) but love sigs. Thanks for having me and i look forward to asking and answering many questions and just learning more i'n general.
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