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  1. The Howa model 1500 is a great gun for the money hate to say it I think they are as good as Remingtons now days. the stock combo you are talking about is so so but honest I think CDNN has some killer price on the just the howa,s do you really need the pistal grip and spring loaded stock? your paying for a lot of hype I think buy a varmit 308 for 400.00 and spent the rest on burris tactical rings & rail look at B&L 3200 mil dot scope from Midway lot of bang for the buck IMHO or try and find open sights if you can. And last there is the pawn shops where a guy in the states can pick up a used non scoped model for 250.00 to 300.00 or a scoped Remington for 400.00 I Howa,s are so well liked you will not see many used they are that good shooting. My shooting partner has a Howa 300 mag and it shoots less than 1inch MOA all day . we dropped the 1500 action into a B&C target stock with tatical rings & rail and shoots great with a 10 X super sniper scope. I painted the whole stick in my custom mix green tiger stripe and it looks nice . He dropped a nice bull moose with it this fall . Only change is he went with a 10 power mueller scope for the brush. He too did not want to spend too much on a rig with the free coating job rifle stock & 2 scopes around 900.00
  2. It really depends on how much money you have to spend I have Saigas in 12 & 20 ga cost 550.00 new 400 used. Or if you have less try and by a police dept sell off 870 wing master riot gun used about 300.00 you can find them in shotgun news or cruise the pawn shops. I am not a mossberg man sorry buy what the police use think about that being said very few depts ever used mossbergs really.
  3. Dont know much about your uppers or rifles are they SBR only? If not could I be pm,ed a price list for 14.5 M-4 or 16 carbine thanks Kim
  4. Hello fellow members I am 54 years old and have been gun smithing my whole adult life. My father let me shoot his G43 8mm into the river for target when I was 10 From that day on I new auto rifles where for me. I have 9 ar,s in many flavors and have had many more over the years.I had 5 SP1,s in 20 inch and a few car 15,s moved on to bushmasters after the colts and last now I use spikes lowers and a few S&W,s I like Colt the best and colt is my 12 year old boys middle name really!. I just built him a S&W MP-15 with match colt upper after he shot that we ran off with my spikes hand gun I built myself. I ham sure I will enjoy this forum will not mind pm,s about what its like living in the remote bush. Kim
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