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  1. Very nice! Great score! I have been pleasantly surprised with both of the M1 Garands I ordered through the CMP. I was just as pleased as the couple that i picked out at the North Store during the National matches. The only thing I put on one of my stocks was BLO after a Garand match at Camp Perry when we shot during a down pour. Let us know how it shoots!
  2. I have done business with them a couple times and have liked the experience. Good guys in there! They have jsut announced a fall full auto shoot. See the web page for details. their new location is at the intersection of Cooke Rd and Indianola.
  3. I tried to use the biggest screw driver I had but it wasn't big enough. I will go by the tool store tomorrow before I really mess things up and have to cut the stock off.
  4. Copy that. I will give it a try this weekend. Thanks!
  5. Yes, I see the large flathead screw on the top. thats the one I tried to remove.
  6. how would you apply the heat?
  7. Anyone have a suggestion on getting the screws out of a fixed stock? They are on there tight. My plan is to install a adjustable stock and I am fearful of tearing up the existing screws. Someone suggested heating them up with a soldering iron to loosen any locktite on them? Thanks!
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