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  1. I recently got back on a short camping trip with my G19. It was humid and rainy the entire time. I cleared the gun and put it and all my loaded magazines in a surplus tin with lots of desiccant overnight, then re oiled it when I got home. A full kydex holster will not retain any moisture , which can help keep guns dry if that interests you. My Glock rides in a CTAC. Have you thought about contacting Sig to see if they can do anything for you? Let's see some of the other guns that you've bought
  2. I've shot a 9mm version quite a bit. I love that single action trigger. Great gun. NIce trade!
  3. I would be furious for driving that much only to be let down. You should call them every time you are thinking about going. If it bothers them, tough luck.
  4. I built a quincy for fun 2 winters ago. They are much warmer than I ever thought they could be.
  5. HK catalog for me. A bunch of stuff they don't sell to civilians anyway...........
  6. Don't forget to check out the Tikka T3 Line. They have the smoothest action for a non custom rifle that I have felt. Their stocks feel cheep though.
  7. What optic is going on the New Born?
  8. Shield in 9mm. Or Glock 26
  9. Most states don't allow an SBR loaded in vehicle anyway. Look into a kel tec plr-16 if price is a concern for you. Edit: If I had to go the vehicle gun route, I would go with an AK Mini Draco in 7.62x39.
  10. Was the rest of the grip slipping around in your hand during recoil?
  11. At a legal stand point it is like wearing a lanyard type strap that connects your hand to, say a Glock 19. It isn't a shoulder rest.
  12. I have no Idea what is going on in the OP's first post.
  13. I would buy so many knives tomorrow if they became legal in MN to carry. Benchmade makes several. Microtech has some OTF options that I am in love with.
  14. I haven't seen any at mine. Actually, the main one I live by doesn't even carry guns, only ammo.
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