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  1. Hmm, i seem to remember this site being more helpful in the past. Good thing i did not hold my breath.
  2. OK, I am starting a 300blk build. I have an NFA trust and have no problems being allowed to own any NFA weapon. My only NFA weapon to date is a suppressed pistol so for this AR build i need some advise. Some of my concerns are as follows. Can i register any of my lowers that are already Non NFA registered and convert one into a registered NFA SBR/suppressed lower or do i need to buy another lower specifically for this build? If I can use one of my lowers or i buy one do i have to engrave trust name into lower or is the serial # enough? After i get stamps and the lower is SBR/suppressed registered can i use an upper with a longer barrel (say 16-20) on the SBR lower. Most likely will start off with a 9.5" 300blk barrel. Can i change calibers to say 5.56 if i list them on my registration form. Can i legally purchase a 9.5" barrel before i have my SBR approval? ( NO, i have no intention of using it without approval ) With the suppressor, am i able to swap it from 1 upper to another once the lower is suppressor approved? EX. if i bought a suppressor for .30 cal that can also function with the 5.56/223 Basically i am wondering that once i have a lower SBR and suppressor approved can i use any caliber, barrel length, suppressed or not on that lower. As long as i list calibers on my forms and dont use a shorter barrel than original build. Nothing in the upper needs NSF registration as far as i can tell. But i think all my barrels used on the NSF lower need to be caliber engraved (correct me if i am wrong) and listed on my registration (caliber only) Being AR's are so easy to change up and swap parts i want to make sure i do this right. My pistol was super easy. This rifle may be also but i just think way to much about what could go wrong. I would like to purchase as many parts as possible before i am approved (minus suppressor) so once i get approval i can build this ASAP. I know i cant have the suppressor before approval. Please forgive me if this info is located elsewhere. I was not able to find it. If it is listed in another post please provide link and close this post. I will reply to any questions or inquiries as soon as i can. Please dont get impatient if i cant for a few days since i drive truck and am not always in an area with good signal. Thankyou for any help/advise in advance.
  3. zx7r4u2nv

    Winchester Model 57 value??

    I just acquired my grandads Winchester Model 57 SHORT serial # 23524. It is far from perfect condition but it is solid. Also has the scope mount. I just disassembled the rifle and it can easily be made into a daily shooter with some love. I need to know if the rifle has any value as is. If so i will not refinish the rifle. I will just lightly clean and oil it and put it in the safe. If the value is low i will turn it into a nice chipmunk rifle for backyard. Not quite sure how to post pics.. I have them on my phone.
  4. zx7r4u2nv

    AR15 Mags

    Anyone know what happens if ya order from somewhere and mags are paid for but not received yet due to back order, annd a hi cap mag ban goes through.. Will that order be void??? I have 2 30 rd pmags w/window right now ( that's enough for current moment). But don't wanna be left behind either hoping these 2 mags last me rest of life. So not sure if i should pay the high price to get them NOW from in stock places.. Or order from somewhere back ordered and hope ban does not go through for 2-3 months. I Just want to ensure i have a few for years to come.
  5. zx7r4u2nv

    What have you done today to prep?

    Well i discovered a new flashlight to place in my go bag. I purchased a MAG-LITE XL50 at lowes for $30. This little LED light is super bright and has an extremly long range beam compared to most other LED flashlights. It has a 8 hour run time on high and 3 times that on low. I plan on purchasing a few more for around the house. This allows me to save some weight and space in my bag compared to the 3D mag-lite i had in there. I highly reccomend this light for any situation other than beating someone with it. And more ammunition as always.
  6. zx7r4u2nv

    What have you done today to prep?

    ^^ i need to learn more about gardening and fertalizers. I can have tons of seeds but if the soil is bad no food for me.
  7. zx7r4u2nv

    What have you done today to prep?

    This past week or so i have done below Rototilled and planted a 70x30 garden. Purchased 3 bottles of Survival tablets( i have not received them yet). Opened up my 2 survival packs and checked items over to make sure everything was still good. LINK for what pack has
  8. zx7r4u2nv

    unusual bolt action rifles you own?

    Sportarized 30-40 Krag is the oddest bolt rifle i have. Also have a 303 savage (lever action) ya not a bolt but rare(at least the ammo is) Both get the old timers talking about the old days every time i take them to the range.
  9. zx7r4u2nv

    i have a question

    This is going to be a dispute here. I would first wonder which diesel it is. Ford's 6.0L power stroke is considered by most diesel people to be junk. Now their old 7.1L is considered indestructiable Same with dodge. 5.9 cummings is a great engine. 6.7 cummings is considered junk. Now everyone has their opinions. These are just the feedbaks i get from mechanics and owners. Normallly 150,000 miles on a diesel is considered (broken in). you can get lucky and go forever or may need new injectors 3 months after you get it. Also depends on what they are asking. I recently found a 2006 f250 lariet 4 door w/6.0 powerstroke that had under 40k miles for $19,999 Also a dodge 2500 extended cab w/5.9 cummings. Under 30,000 miles. $18,999 Also--- CARFAX is useless. Only tells you what has been turned in. Millions of cars will show a clear title and were previosly demolished and rebuilt. Take it with a grain of salt.
  10. zx7r4u2nv

    Bipod or sandbag rest ?

    Both. I use the blocks and sandbags when sighting in a rifle or when trying for tight grouping. I also have a Mako Group Vertical Grip/bipod w/swivel mounted on my FF. I use the bipod mainly to practice using it cause there may be times the bags and blocks are not available so i need to be able to shoot well with bipod. I would also recommend a good sling and learn how to use it. I can actually hold tighter groups with a tight sling and glove in the prone position than i can with the bipod.
  11. zx7r4u2nv

    Ooops. I loaded 9mm with magnum primers!

    ok, so i pulled out my Metalic Cartridge Reloading book (original edition). This book is at least 30 years old. So no lawyers. Copyright 1982 9mm Luger, 115gr jacketed bullet, unique powder, 4.7gr minimum load 1075fps 9mm Luger, 115gr gacketed bullet, unique powder, 5.2 gr maximum load (use with caution) 1175fps, 32,500C.U.P. I have other old and new publications that have similar loads. Nowhere other than Alliants site can i find a load even close to 6.3gr.
  12. zx7r4u2nv

    Bulk Bullets

    ^^ Are the bullets in good shape. Have you checked weight and size consistency on any of these bullets. I ask because i have read alot of bad reviews on these winchester bullets( midway sells them also).
  13. zx7r4u2nv

    What time to start shooting?

    I am always in the area. i live just past the Clearview mall off rt 308. I shoot locally at butler city hunting and fishing club or at a friends place that has a 200 yard range( have to call him in advance). Would gladly meet sometime. Dads place is near Marienville pa. may be able to talk him into coming down. Not sure where Stone peppers isof what it is. Is that heading toward mars or saxonburgh from Rt8
  14. zx7r4u2nv

    Bulk Bullets

    what brand were your 2000 from powder valley???
  15. zx7r4u2nv

    Ooops. I loaded 9mm with magnum primers!

    i may be confused. 5.7 grains of unique powder w/ 115 grain bullet and a small pistol magnum?? Every where i look it seems to be a (very hot) load. Hornady book has 5.6 gr w/ 100 grain bullet and small piston primer as an maximum load( use with caution) 1200fps on 4" 1:10 twist So we throw in more powder, heavier bullet and a magnum primer and all indicate to a real hot load. Now go to alliants site and 6.3 grains of unique w/ 115 gr bullet over small pistol primer. 1244fps I would pull the trigger on them just so i did not have to pull them all. I hate how no info is the same