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  1. kentuckyshiner85

    what is the world coming too.....

    I live in central ky where open carry is legal . most of you may have heard of buds gun shop. well they have a sign that says no loaded guns plan and clear on the front door and i have never had a problem walking in ocing . I think that most shops have to put something of sorts for insurance reasons. that is just my thoughts on the subject. we still have to be considerate of the shop owners right in these matters. they are charged with a safe working environment for their employees.
  2. kentuckyshiner85

    looking for a place to shoot in NKY

    there is one in frakfort area kebler is the name . its just outside of georgetown ky. Its an outdoor range free to the public. its has covered bench rest. you have to shoot down steal tubes though. i helps reduce the noise. hope this helps.