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  1. Seems a bit pricey - Bren Ten Special forces in CA. https://www.turners.com/info/online-gun-rack
  2. bizarrocolin

    10 mm usage

    I don't know why some people don't like the 10mm. I don't know why some people don't like the Dallas Cowboys, scotch or old episodes of Star Trek either. I got my first one living in Idaho, wanting one handgun that would work well in the woods and the city. I'm not around bears and cougars much (other than my girlfriend), but I still love the firearm and the cartridge it's chambered for.
  3. bizarrocolin

    Woohoo! It's a 1066 now (pics)

    Where did you order it from? And how much?
  4. Happy Daylight Savings Time Day everyone. I took the 1006 out to the indoor range yesterday for some quality time. Occasionally, the slide would close on an empty mag. I did just replace the factory recoil spring with a Wolff 22lber as I was going to be shooting some DT ammo...however, hollow points were not allowed in the range, so I was shooting inexpensive target ammo. Also, I have 3 mags. 1 came with the firearm, used-who knows how many rounds fired through it. The others were purchased new...16 years ago. It did not occur until after I was finished to see if it was only happening with a particular magazine. Has any one had this happen to them? As if the ammo was too week to push a stronger spring all the way back (btw-there were NO other failures). Or could the magazine not be engaging the little lever that stops the slide? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. bizarrocolin

    Woohoo! It's a 1066 now (pics)

    That sounds awesome, a second smaller pistol when needed. Did you buy an assembled slide? Or build it part by part? Or something else?
  6. bizarrocolin

    New to the forum

    Ok, here we go. If this works, you'll be looking at my beauties...if not, I'll be scrambling to undo!
  7. bizarrocolin

    New to the forum

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm trying to insert a photo...but I'm feeling stupid and can't figure out how.
  8. bizarrocolin

    New to the forum

    Hey folks, I finally signed up after a lot of spying. I've owned a S&W 1006 since '95 and a G29 SF since a month ago. I wanted to say hello and thanks for the info I've already obtained here.