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  1. Hello everyone, and thanks for reading. Please be gentle as I am an AR newbie. I do own a few handguns. I decided that its about time to get my first semi-automatic rifle. After looking around, it seems that the popular AR platform is the right direction for me. I have read a good number of "So you want to build an AR" and "AR components for beginners" threads that I feel I have a general idea about the decisions I need to make. I put together a build list. This is my "first draft" and I thought I would get some input from the experts. I appreciate any feedback. I'm a civilian, not LEO. This will mostly be for range shooting. I may occasionally go pinking. I don't plan to use it for home defense or other CQB scenario. I'm not much of a SHTF kind of guy. But I am also an old boy scout and believe in "Be Prepared". Budget. I'm not going to give a number. I'll just say it like this. I want to keep my build under what it would cost to buy a Colt 6920. If it goes over that then I've gone too far and I'll probably just get the 6920. http://www.colt.com/law/lecarbine.asp http://www.impactguns.com/store/COLT-LE6920BF.html $1,289.99 Upper: I decided to go with a BCM upper. I am leaning towards a 16" Light barrel with the Mid Length gas system. However, I am open to persuasion by those that know more than I do. Here are links for the 16" Standard barrel mid length gas system, 16" Light barrel mid length gas system, and the 20" standard barrel with rifle gas system. They're all priced the same. http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-16-Mid-...-urg-mid-16.htm http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-16-Mid-...rg-mid-16lw.htm http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-M16-Gov...-urg-gov-20.htm $399 This means that I will need a bolt carrier group and charging handle. BCM sounds good to me. BCG: http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-Bolt-Ca...20auto%20mp.htm $139.95 Charging Handle: http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/AR15-Chargi...ndle%20ar15.htm $22.95 Lower: I've heard good things about a good many lowers. Seems like different forums gravitate towards different brands. Last night I was having a chuckle looking at the Spike lowers for their "cool" factor. But thats not what I'm after. I'm actually trying to create a retro build. So, I've tentatively decided on the Rock River Lower. People seem to like their triggers. I'm flip flopping back and forth on the 1-stage versus 2-stage triggers. The price difference is about $100. And even with the 2-stage I'm well under my "budget". Yesterday I was leaning towards the 2-stage, but today I'm leaning towards the normal 1-stage trigger. I guess I could always go with 1-stage for now.. and as I develop a more refined taste and learn more about the AR platform, then I can go with a fancy trigger later. Lower: http://www.rockriverarms.com/index.cfm?fus...a50d1e171415d30 AR0940X Complete Lower Half / Two Stage Trigger / A2 Buttstock $380.00 Since I am going for a retro build, I chose the A2 buttstock. If anyone thinks I should replace the buttstock that comes with it for something else, I'll happily listen. Carry Handle: Since I went with the A3 "flattop" design, I want an iron sight carry handle for now. This will let me add optics later on if I decide to put the money into it... after I've learned more. So I need a bolt on carry handle. BCM makes one of those for $110. I've seen other more fancy carry handles for at least $40 more than include more adjustment. I don't know enough here to make a sound decision. I'm inclined to just go with the $110 BCM one. But if someone thinks I'm making a mistake and should invest X dollars more for brand Y carry handle, I would eagerly listen to what you've got to say. http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/AR-15-Carry...dle%20ar-15.htm $109.95 Handguards: I need some help here. For nostalgic and aesthetic reasons, I would like to go with the triangular A1 style hand guards. I realize most of them are designed for 20" barrel. I would like some help in locating some that look nice on a 16" barrel. Hopefully something that has a nice heat guard and something that doesn't feel flimsy in my hands. And I'm not sure, would I also need to get some type of triangle cap? Or would it work fine with the Upper I chose? This one is kind of holding me up because I'm not sure I've found any that will work. And I might just have to get some circular A2 style ones just to get things moving. But I'd hate to unnecessarily toss money away. Magazines: Anyone recommend some good reliable ones? I prefer function over coolness factor. So here is my total so far: Upper: $399 BCG: $139.95 Charging Handle: $22.95 Carry Handle: $109.95 Lower: 2-stage trigger. Knock off around $100 for 1-stage. $380.00 Handguards: ~$30 Subtotal: $1,081.85 FFL: ~$30 Shipping: Taxes: Total: Thank you very much, Hammers
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    Newbie: Complete Build List - please advise

    Hey guys, I finally have most of my franken-rifle together. I am waiting for the bolt carrier group and the rear sight assembly to come in. Rock River Arms lower (A2 stock and single-stage trigger) BCM 16" upper with mid length gas system. Went with the Lightweight Hammer Forged barrel. BCM BCG LMT charging handle NoDak triangular handguards designed for mid-length gas system CNC Guns removable A1 carry handle Bushmaster rear sight assembly (backordered) I didn't have a sling in mind. I found this one online and went with it: https://www.standardpartsllc.com/productcar...p;idcategory=17 Now I need to work out some final details: I'm getting an A1 style grip from a guy local. I think I'm going to fire it with the A2 stock to see if I like it... or if I decide to go with A1 stock. I would like to get a couple alloy 20rd magazines to complete the look. I'll likely be getting some 30 round PMags, but I'd like to get some alloy ones for the classic look. Can anyone recommend what I should get and from where? I think that's it. Sure, there are a lot of little details missing. The upper doesn't look classic at all. Delta ring... and I'm sure several other things that you guys with keen eyes could spot. But, it is "classically inspired". haha Thanks all for your help.
  3. SackOHammers

    Newbie: Complete Build List - please advise

    Thanks for the tip. I got ahold of Harlan over there and he had really good news for me: Yes, the NDS-39 handguard set will work with the Bravo Company barrel contained in the link below. The handguards will install by pulling back on the delta ring and snapping the handguards in place. Neither the front sight base nor flash hider needs to be removed for this install. The delta ring is the assembly sitting on the back end of the barrel, just ahead of the upper receiver. Please reply if you have other questions. Thanks. Harlan NoDak Spud LLC www.nodakspud.com I'll have to ask him about removable A1 carry handles as well. You're a champ.
  4. SackOHammers

    Newbie: Complete Build List - please advise

    Etho and fdxpilot, Thank you for your replies. When looking at that Great Lakes Firearms item page, the dropdown indicates three sizes. One of them is "Mid Length". This gives me hope that there is at least one manufacturer that produces something workable. The cap near the site on that BCM upper looks to be triangular to me. I zoomed in on the pictures. It was difficult to tell, but it looked triangular. I'm hoping someone with a BCM upper might chime in. If it comes down to having to remove the front sight, flash suppressor, etc . I might have to get some professional help on that. The guys at the local shop are pretty helpful. Do you know where I can get an A1 buttstock that would work with that lower? Seems like most everyone had A2s. And that's what comes with the lower. Or maybe I could just stick with the A2 buttstock that comes with the lower and add the A1 later if I find one workable. As for carry handle, I didn't find any A1 style carry handles that would mount on the top of an A3 upper. The BCM upper seems sort of close and priced decently enough. If you can't point me in the direction of the parts you mentioned then it would be great to see if they'd work. Also, I'm not necessarily determined to get the 16" barrel. I think maybe I would be OK with getting a 20" barrel with rifle gas system. It certainly would make getting the desired handguards a lot simpler. But I'm not so sure I want to make the handguard choice the sole reason for choosing a barrel length. That seems a little silly, but I don't know.
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    Newbie: Complete Build List - please advise

    Thank you for the comments so far, they are greatly appreciated. Heh, yeah, a bit of a franken rifle for sure. I want something with modern functionality, but the retro look. I guess I'm mostly relying on the butt stock and the handguards to carry the retro look. I did find these handguards: http://www.greatlakesfirearms.com/product_...products_id=301 I sent an email to them asking if it would work with that upper, but I haven't heard back from them. Someone in another forum mentioned PKFirearms.com for triangle handguards, but I didn't see any that were specified to work with a mid-length upper. I sent them an email as well. Thanks! Hammers
  6. SackOHammers

    Newbie: Complete Build List - please advise

    I forgot to mention a couple quick things. 5.56 NATO 1:7 or 1:9 twist. I'm sure I'll be fine with either. I think BCM only does the 1:7. I didn't think it necessary for me to spend extra for higher grade barrels. BCM's Mil-Spec 11595E is likely going to be sufficient for my needs.