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  1. Check on Texasguntrader.com looked today at least 8 on trijicons on the site half of them used
  2. look on LaRue Tactical they have the best price that I have found on the Magpul and you can get a combo LaRue cheek Rizer, very cool, and worked great, used one the other day on a LaRue AR, Travis County Swat officers OBR 308 man what a gun
  3. I'v had a RCBS digi and charging system for about a year and a case prep station, they are great an your hands aren't worn out from brass prep too when you are done also when you get your system down, you can prime with power and seat your bullets in one fast process...google for best price catch the sells...
  4. Just found you guys yesterday, ain't it great to live in TEXAS
  5. Members , does anyone own and shoot the 6mm x 45 , this sounds like a great round I know there are some barrel makers that are building for this caliber, just wanting more info if anyone owns one,how accurate, bullet weights, range ..
  6. I have 3 Rock Rivers the shoot very well, I think the LMT is more $$$
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