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  1. Winkel

    New watch came in today.

    I don't think you can beat Casio for their small electronics. I've been a fan of their watches and calculators for a long time (mechanical engineer), and am sporting a G-Shock myself right now. I made some custom brackets for mine so I could make a paracord wrist band for it. They turned out really well. Fortunately, we had a laser welder where I used to work! Nice purchase, I like it! The only problem I've had with mine is static pulse. If I'm wearing a sweater and my Marmot jacket, and take the jacket off without first removing the watch, it whacks out the synchronization of the analog hands to the digital readout. Since you set the timing digitally and the hands follow, it's a bit of a pain to reset. There's a video on Youtube that shows how to fix it. That's the main reason I made the paracord band for it. I can quickly snap it off before removing my jacket.....when I remember to.
  2. For me, it's just one, the original CZ forum. Yes, I'm a CZ fanboy. And no, I'm not a hipster. I do visit rimfire central from time to time but not much lately. I mainly stay with forums like this that are moderated for mature, decent and respectful content. I'm a member on a Toyota Tacoma forum too. It's informative and entertaining, but I'm sometimes surprised by the language that is allowed. I'm not offended by it since I'm not easily offended, just surprised.
  3. Winkel

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Nothing at the bench, but I did pick up 1,000 CCI 400 small rifle primers and 200 Sierra 55 gr. BTHP pills last week. I have a pretty decent amount of brass sized and primed, so once I get my reloading area set back up, I'll be in business for a little while.
  4. Winkel

    Tell me 'bout the PSA EPT trigger kit.

    Just pulled the trigger on a PSA kit, Saturday night. It has the EPT trigger group but I'm not optimistic I'll have it assembled any time soon. I'll probably wait until the weather turns bad this winter. But then again, I may get the itch sooner than I think.
  5. John, Maybe you could find a reputable vendor and give them a call. They might offer a service for existing barrels like this, and might even have recommendations regarding whether or not your barrel would be a good candidate. I would think it would be worth a call. Winkel
  6. Winkel

    SS case ammo

    That is interesting. If you can pick them up with a magnet, I was incorrect in assuming it's 304... It'll be interesting to see if this takes off.
  7. Winkel

    This is a very good read .

    Sad but true.
  8. Winkel

    SS case ammo

    I'm speculating here but I would expect the advantage of SS cased ammo would be that the casing wouldn't need to be coated to resist corrosion. This lack of coating would appear to eliminate some of the problems associated with lacquer coated steel casings, sticking in chambers. Also, I would expect that if the SS is a 300 grade, most likely 304, it would be softer than regular steel and would 'flow' a little, allowing it to swell and maintain its position in the chamber, rather than putting undue force on the face of the bolt and consequently, the bolt lugs. Just spit balling, but something to think about.
  9. Winkel

    Tell me 'bout the PSA EPT trigger kit.

    Hey Bama, good question, I've been eye balling one of their kits and it has the EPT. I was wondering the same thing. Just buy a kit and they'll throw the EPT fire control group in for free!
  10. Hey Guys, I've been considering a Palmetto State Armory kit. It seems like they all are 1:7 twist. I pretty much shoot 55 grain pills exclusively. I know it will shoot them but will it shoot them well? It just seems like a pretty aggressive twist rate for a 55 grain bullet. What say the experts? Thanks, Winkel
  11. Winkel

    It's All in the Details 25,000

    Congratulations Greg. You're a true asset to this community.
  12. Winkel

    Hey calebj06

    Happy Birthday Buddy!
  13. Wow, tough situation. I would have called 911 and let them intervene. I can't stand to see a woman hit by a man. Chances are, any intervention from any of the bystanders would not have ended well. You can clearly see the mentality of that family. PI (Parentally Impaired) for generations, or so it would seem.
  14. Winkel

    Good Evening from Alaska!

    Welcome back!
  15. Found it!!! It was in a box that was still taped shut labeled "Reloading Stuff". I don't know how many times I walked past that box. I just noticed it tonight, cut it open and there it was. Man, that was driving me nuts. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, I lost it in a tragic boating accident........ Thanks for all the suggestions...I think.