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  1. Winkel

    Hey Srgt. Hulka

    Happy belated Birthday, Buddy!
  2. Winkel

    Saw this today.

    That actually made me well up just a little. My daughter is stationed in Okinawa and is home right now for Thanksgiving and then some training in New Jersey. She is not and won't be in harms way, thank God. I appreciate and pray for those that will be. Thank you all for your service.
  3. Winkel

    Nikon Out of The Scope Business

    Dang, I'm sorry to hear that. I have a P-223 that I really like, but as much as I use it, it'll probably still be like new when I die.
  4. Winkel

    I'll be damned... It's Monday.

    OK, I laughed pretty hard at that one. Look at the bright side, you still have $200!
  5. Winkel

    I ain't dead yet

    Congrats! I would love to be able to retire but I think I have about another 10 years left.
  6. Winkel

    Crazy Shoot / Armadillo

    I popped an opossum the other night. I didn't want to but the damned thing has really turned into a nuisance lately because we feed our cats out there. My wife brings in the food most every night but the bugger keeps coming back. I've tried the shock and awe method with a broom stick, chasing it around the deck trying to whack the hell out of it and it keeps coming back. We were out for our evening walk the other night and I was trying out my new Gearlight headlamp. Man, that thing is bright! I saw it out in the field by our house and took a detour to dispatch it. I had my 9mm on me at the time. I really didn't want to shoot it but a nuisance is a nuisance. No dillos here that I've seen yet.
  7. Winkel

    FORD v FERRARI = Most Excellent Movie

    I've watched all the trailers on youtube. I plan on seeing it!
  8. Winkel

    Folding Utility Knife

    I have one of the Kobalt ones pictured above, but if I'm really getting with it cutting up some boxes, I've had the blade come loose. It's never happened with my Milwaukee knives. Really, buy one and you'll love it.
  9. Winkel

    Bolt Malfunction

    That's fantastic! I have a nephew that's a combat medic in the Army, stationed at Fort Campbell in KY. My daughter is a Logistics Readiness Officer in Okinawa. Tell her thanks for her service! And yes, please let us know what you find.
  10. Winkel

    Folding Utility Knife

    I have two Milwaukee ones. They have a button on the side that when depressed, lets you flip the knife open with one hand, and when you release the button, it locks open. Then, you press the button again and flip it closed. With the button released, it stays locked closed too. It doesn't have a spring so you can flip it open and shut one-handed. The blade is quick change too. I've tried several and like these the best by far. I think I bought mine at Lowe's.
  11. Winkel

    Does this need something?

    You can get the Kratex Dremel tools at Lowe's I believe. If not, Amazon surely has them. They work really well and remove material slowly while leaving a nice polished finish. I use them on my 9mm feed ramps when the finish is not to my liking.
  12. Winkel

    Pants poll!!!

    I also have a couple of pairs of the Woodland Camo rip stop BDU pants I bought several years ago. Those, I do wear the heck out of for the nastiest jobs I have. I change into them as soon as I get home from work once the weather cools off. They are (I think) the jungle pants. They have the flap in fly so you can go commando when you're in the jungle. I wear Haynes boxer briefs though, in case this thread is going to go sideways.
  13. Winkel

    Pants poll!!!

    I bought a pair of these a couple of months ago. They are a bit pricey but you can find on-line coupons to help with that. I don't have a much seat time in them yet, but man are they sturdy feeling. The pockets are almost too deep and there are a bunch of them. There are also pockets inside of the pockets. I really like them. I actually wear them as a pseudo dress khaki pair, to work with a dress shirt so I'm not really stressing them as intended. I wear a 36" inseam and they had my size. The pair I got fits true to size compared to my other pants but if you can find a store it's always a good idea to try them on first. They feel like they'll last a very long time.
  14. Winkel

    I'm done with Chinese footwear.

    Holy crap TT. I just visited the White's Boots website. Those little gems are pricey. Nice looking boots though. I'm sure, with proper care, they'll last decades. I still have a pair of Danners that I bought in 1993. They're heavy and insulated so they don't get a lot of mileage put on them. In fact, I can't remember when I last wore them. If they were uninsulated, I'd wear them more often.
  15. Winkel

    I feel blessed

    In Illinois, we had a FOID, Firearm Owner ID card. If you had anything gun related, or if you wanted to buy guns or ammo, you had to have a FOID card. It involved a State Police application and background check, then you got your card in the mail with your driver's license picture on it. I still have mine now that I live in Indiana, just as a reminder of how screwed up that state is too. It'll be really interesting to see what California looks like in about 20 years.