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  1. Winkel

    I'm Officially a Hoosier Now!

    You are certainly welcome Caleb. If you're ever going to be in the Louisville area, or Corydon Indiana area, drop me a line! We have a decent earnest offer on the house in Illinois and a second showing to another individual tomorrow morning. But man, I hate moving. I'm getting too old to hump furniture but I'm too damned tight to pay someone else to do it!
  2. Winkel

    I'm Officially a Hoosier Now!

    Yes, we love the area in Illinois in which we live and really like all of our distant neighbors, just don't like the taxes and politics.
  3. Winkel

    I'm Officially a Hoosier Now!

    Yeah, pretty stoked to be leaving Illinois. Sad, isn't it?
  4. Winkel

    Hey alpo

    Happy Birthday Alpo!!
  5. Winkel

    Hey scotto

    Happy Birthday my caveman friend!
  6. Winkel

    I'm Officially a Hoosier Now!

    Yes, it's been on the market for about six weeks. We've had quite a few showings and all the feedback has been really positive. We've had a couple of offers but they have been contingent on the potential buyer selling their house first. We have a showing tomorrow. Fingers crossed....
  7. Winkel

    I'm Officially a Hoosier Now!

    Good point FW, thanks!
  8. It sincerely warms my heart to see you guys doing this. We used to take our kids hiking all the time. Even when they were little, we'd put ten miles a day on them. I'd usually pack our youngest daughter on my back for a couple of miles on most of these trips. Great memories!
  9. Winkel

    I am getting my AR engraved

    AND, we need to see pictures of the completed product, when you get it back!
  10. Winkel

    I am getting my AR engraved

    Laser, or hand engraved??
  11. Well, almost, I don't have my Indiana driver's license yet. I started my new job in Louisville, KY in February and we bought a house in Corydon, Indiana. We've had possession of the Indiana house for two weeks now but still have the house in Illinois, fully furnished so I come back to Illinois on the weekends. I like the new job really well. It's strange starting over, learning new products, processes and part numbers but I think it's good to change it up and challenge yourself on new things from time to time. Hopefully, the Illinois house will sell soon! Two mortgages make me pucker just a little. Is anyone here in the southern Indiana area??? Winkel
  12. Winkel

    PSA for the day.....

    Until recently, I worked for a company that made surgical instruments. I still do but now it's a different company and the manufacturing processes are different. I've been grinding on a piece of stainless steel before, then forgot, and grabbed the hot end.....once.
  13. Winkel

    14 Confirmed Dead near Auburn University

    Dang Bama, I was wondering about you. Glad you're safe and like others have said here, my heart and prayers go out to all affected.
  14. Winkel

    A shot in the junk

    Gosh golly, a high point that actually went 'bang' instead of 'click'.....who'd a thunk?
  15. Yes, I started using one about three weeks ago. I recently took a job in Louisville, KY and I'm staying in one in Jeffersonville, IN. The people live there and honestly it felt a little strange when I got there. The couple is really nice and they rent to travelling nurses. There are a couple there with me. There's a small kitchenette area in the basement where I'm staying, it has a refrigerator and a microwave. I come home on the weekends so we do my laundry when I'm home, pack my lunches for the week and I take tubs of chili, apples, etc. The Air BNB website has everyone establish an account with copies of their driver's licenses and there are ratings from previous users as well. I don't have any valuables except my wallet and it's always with me. It's WAY cheaper than even an extended stay. We close on our house this Friday so this week will be the last of it. It really hasn't been too bad. I do share a bathroom with one other guy who is a nurse that has been staying with them for almost a year but he works nights so there has not been a bathroom conflict yet. Honestly, it's not bad at all. The people with whom I'm staying are really nice and they have an old, sweet little dog. I'd probably do it again.