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  1. I've seen a few of those. Not saying he was LEO but those Brazilian cops don't mess around.
  2. Winkel

    An what's You gonna do Oh My

    He must smell her elephant...
  3. Winkel

    Im going to be in trouble

    Lol, that's awesome.
  4. Winkel

    My New Years day message.... Moving sucks.

    Yes, moving sucks. BUT, moving out of Illinois makes it much more tolerable!
  5. Winkel

    Is it Just Me, Or Has Anyone Else Noticed

    Good resolution TT. I can't relate to it yet, but I do know that when we quit moving, we die. We went to my mom's 90th birthday party a couple of weeks ago. My dad is 88 and they are still both pretty active. My mom has a hip that bothers her a lot but she was working the food pantry on her 90th birthday that morning when I called her. I talked to her later that day when she was home. We had the surprise party the following week in southern Iowa. My dad lost his crane certification a couple of years ago because he couldn't pass the written test. He was pissed, claimed it was government conspiracy. The trig was a little more than he could handle in his 80's. He'd been a heavy equipment operator for most of his life and is still damned good on a back hoe. He was operating a 50 ton hydraulic crane for the last few years of his working life. He is always fixing something for someone. A little while back, he was replacing exhaust manifolds on an engine for one of my brothers-in-law. We always joked that he is like a shark and he has to keep moving to survive. I think they'll both be the last survivors of their high school classes. Long story short, I don't presume to know any more than those more senior than I am on this forum, but no matter how old we are, until we decide consciously to quit, we have to keep moving. Just my two cents. Winkel P.S. I've been drinking a little tonight. Some good friends from Illinois came to visit today, so if I seem overly philosophical, it's the Bud Light talking.....
  6. Winkel

    Do you have any great gifts on-the-way?

    She really likes it there. It seems to suit her well. She's been there a year now and has a year left. It really sounds like they take care of each other there. We miss her but know she's as safe there as she would be stateside. We're happy she's serving, and proud of the fact that she wants to.
  7. Winkel

    Ar15 pistol grips

    I just put a Magpul MOE grip on one of mine last night. It's not over molded but has a texture made from little Magpul symbols. I really like it even though it's hard plastic.
  8. Winkel

    Merry Christmas to all y'all!

    Belated, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And yes Newbe, I'll send some 9mm brass someday soon.
  9. Winkel

    Do you have any great gifts on-the-way?

    Nope, youngest and oldest are here for a week or two. Middle one is in Japan at Kadena AFB. We video chatted while she opened her presents and we opened ours. I got my Vortex Spitfire 3X and mounted it on the PSA kit I ordered a few month back. Then, I switched it over to the lightweight build that I'm most fond of tonight. I'll sight it in tomorrow. Right now, everyone else is in bed, the fire is burning and the dog it at my feet. For a few hours, all is right with the world. Crap...the dog just got up and went to my daughter's bedroom. OK, the world is still pretty good.
  10. Winkel

    I'm so old, I remember __________

    I also remember an AR15 costing over $1,000 and thinking I'd never own one.
  11. Winkel

    I'm so old, I remember __________

    8 track tapes, Steppenwolf Gold.... I remember riding with a buddy in his brother's Celica, listening to a cassette tape, wondering how you could get that much sound out of such a tiny tape. Ignorance. I remember pop top soda pop, high beam switches on the floor, carburetors, and fuel injection being new but not very reliable. I remember a car posting 100,000 miles on the odometer and thinking it was something special. I remember being able to see something in my own hands without the aid of reading glasses.....
  12. Winkel

    Is it Just Me, Or Has Anyone Else Noticed

    Sorry for the double tap.
  13. Winkel

    Is it Just Me, Or Has Anyone Else Noticed

    I'm guilty of this as well. I visit three forums daily and this is one of them. When I first got into ARs, this was my site to visit every day because I was learning. I am still learning, but that has slowed somewhat because I have a pretty good grasp on the workings of the platform, and now I understand it much better than I did when I first found this group. Life and work has caught up to me like many others. My wife and I are now empty nesting. It's not quite what we thought it would be because of her health and the hours I work. I don't respond to posts like I did before because I'm tired or I think someone else has a better response. This is a good reminder that we all need to keep contributing, or this site will die a slow death. Thanks for being so frank!