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  1. Winkel

    Hey Winkel

    Thanks Guys! I celebrated my birthday by starting my new job in Louisville, KY. I'm two days in and staying in an Air BNB in Jeffersonville, IN, just north of Louisville. I'm living out of a suitcase right now but we've made an offer on a house in Corydon, IN and will be closing March 8th. Now, we just need to sell our house back in Illinois. Please say a prayer for us on that! Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! Winkel
  2. Winkel

    I love Brownells but.......

    I got an idler pulley from Rockauto the other day in a box that wasn't much smaller than that. They could have put 20 of those pulleys in the shipper box they used. Agreed, very wasteful. Maybe it makes it harder to steal, in transit.
  3. Winkel

    Thinking for yourself

    Oh heck, I talk bad about GM all the time!
  4. Winkel

    I never knew this.....

    Pyramex Safety Intruder Reader Bifocals Clear Frame with Clear Lens (3 Pair) (Clear + 1.5 Lens) These are the ones I bought most recently. There are some that wrap around more but they fog up on me when I'm doing anything that makes me sweat. These are a pretty good match to the 3M ones I usually wear and the optics quality is good. I keep some 2.0 power ones near my gun bench for smaller detail work. My eyes get worse every year!
  5. Winkel

    I never knew this.....

    I've been wearing those for years now. I have them all over the house and in different strengths depending on what I'm doing. Amazon has some good ones for cheap.
  6. I bought myself a Vortex Strikefire II for Christmas. It's a good, solid unit and I like it a lot. My only concern with it is that the buttons are really hard to push/activate. I have a Vortex Venom and it's buttons feel like I would expect them to. Is there something about this unit or it's intended application that lends it to having buttons that are hard to push? I realize you don't want a casual bump to activate them but these things are hard. I would appreciate opinions and feedback from any of you that have similar Vortex products. And no, I don't have any hand strength issues. Thanks, Winkel
  7. Winkel

    Karma, Justice, or maybe a little of both

    Like Timothy Treadwell going to live with the bears...they eventually killed and ate him. I ain't got the words...
  8. Winkel

    Dies, bullets...

  9. Winkel

    "Made" Two Buffers

    Bama, not to be a jerk but do you mean tungsten and not titanium? I ordered some tungsten weights on line a while back to make one of my buffers heavier. It worked as intended.
  10. Winkel

    The sooner the better.

    Nice to see you back! Best wishes and prayers for a good and full recovery!
  11. Winkel

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Been doing some .223 case prep lately. Tonight, I loaded 100 rounds with Sierra Game King, 55 grain, HPBT over 25.0 grains of H335. I haven't done any accuracy testing with this load so my fingers are crossed. I did a lot of Google-Fu and this seemed like a 'favorite' of several posters. Tomorrow night, I'm planning on loading the same load with some 52 grain Sierra Match King HPBT. Getting ready to move so I need to get everything loaded up that I can. I have no idea how long I'll have my loading area broken down and packed away.
  12. Winkel


    We just got home from Louisville. It's windy as all get out, the temperature is dropping fast and the deer are out in the fields by the dozens. I just stopped by Rampy's Circle K in Mt. Vernon and they don't have Mt. Dew Voltage in the fountain machine anymore. I guess I won't be stopping there anymore......
  13. Winkel

    Shoulder holster

    When I was younger, I carried a K-framed S&W revolver in a shoulder holster a lot while out hunting. I used to hunt squirrels with a .22 Model 17. My first shoulder holster was a Bianchi. My second shoulder holster was an Uncle Mikes that has the x-configuration across the back. The Uncle Mikes was MUCH more comfortable to wear and supported the weight of the gun on my belt as well. Based on my experience, even though it was about 28 years ago, I would go with the Uncle Mikes.
  14. Winkel

    Moving Out of The Great State of Illinois

    Thanks Caleb! I will definitely keep that in mind!
  15. Winkel

    My Daughter's latest drawing. **Update**

    That is soooooo cool. You should be very proud of her.