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  1. Winkel

    Hey newbe

    I'm a little late to the range but Happy Birthday Newbe! You should get a new wing for your car!
  2. Very cool. I love military air shows. My wife's BIL was in the AF for 28 years and when he was at Scott AFB, we used to go to the air show there. We'd stay at their house the night before and walk a block to get in. It was great. Yes, please post some videos.
  3. I'm right there with you buddy. Left in 2019 and have no plans of going back. This will not be good for Chicago.
  4. Top Gun Maverick is excellent. We've already seen it twice and may go a third time. The weekend matinees in town here are only five bucks but I'd go see it again at full price.
  5. Yep, it might be considered offensive to some of us 'poor citizens'.
  6. I've never used them but know folks who have. In my recollection, they are legit.
  7. We've taken our youngest daughter to an Orthopedic doctor (Dr. Feely) in Olympia Fields for years. As some of you know, my wife and I finally broke out of Illinois about three years ago and now live in southern Indiana. I took Fiona once this last winter when it was down in the single digits there, it was cold. While she was in her appointment, which lasts about an hour, I went into a nearby Meijer to buy oil, filters, etc. I called my wife while wandering around the store and she asked if many people were wearing masks. I said I hadn't even noticed but started looking around. In fact, I was THE ONLY person in the store NOT wearing a mask. I was surprised no one said anything to me, but I jokingly said that I was wearing the perfect 'outfit', camo pants and a Kentucky sweatshirt. Also, because it was so cold outside, I had a few layers of cold gear under my outer wear. I'm 6' 3" and about 210 lbs, so that KY sweatshirt and extra padding must have me look even bigger. No one ever said a word. I saw the signs on the door when I was leaving the building.
  8. Yes TT, it is what people do. Unfortunately, too many people now need some level of drama in their life and the "like" button has become their dopamine drip. When someone I'm not extremely close to, starts questioning 'feelings' or 'family or personal relationships', I'm wary of their motives. I have a FB account but only occasionally post a benign photo, and scroll through from time to time with the intent of being entertained like I'm reading the National Enquirer. And don't get me started on the "Happy heavenly birthday or whatever" crap. Chances are, your dead relative never read FB while he or she was alive, so they're likely not reading it in Heaven. I can't express how much this 'begging for sympathy and attention' advertisement irritates me. When did we turn in to such a bunch of pussies?
  9. John, I hope you are right. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next ten years. The media bias has reached a level even I didn't think was possible.
  10. John, That CZ of which you speak, is the P-01 or in some cases, the 75D. The 75D is the same gun but is Israeli military/police surplus if I'm not mistaken. We bought one for my middle daughter a few years back and the ergonomics are fantastic. BUT, I shoot my Gen 5 G19 much better. I've pretty much fallen in love with the new Glock and couldn't be happier with it. I can't attest to the durability of the finish because it hasn't spent much time in a holster. It's lives on a magnet, in a convenient location in the house and I shoot it, a few rounds, nearly every day. Most of my shooting is done at my 50 yard steel targets and on my 12" X 20" silhouette, I can go 5 for 5 shooting off-hand, more consistently than I can with any of my other 9mms. I've stoned some of the roughness off of the trigger bar because it's stamped steel and the edges show that 'tearing' that stamped edges do. I didn't have an opinion about the finger grooves until I held them sided by side. The grooves just didn't fit my hand. I wear a men's large in gloves, if that matters. People always talk about the 'Glock trigger'. As it turns out, I like it! The gen 3 mags will work in this gun. I have a Shadow Systems MR920 Combat that has the gen 3 guts and is pretty much a Gucci clone of that gun, and all of my mags work in both. If you're on the fence, don't be. I think you'll like it. Winkel
  11. Winkel

    Hey Winkel

    Thanks Brothers! It was a decent one but didn't really do anything special. Our youngest daughter (23) knocked a nice big glass bottle over on our cooktop the night before my birthday so we spent that weekend driving around Louisville looking for another. Those glass cooktops really pop when they do break... We're going out for BBQ tomorrow, will likely try some small, local place. I love me some good barbeque! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Winkel
  12. I might be able to add a little to this discussion. I've never owned a Glock and in fact, was a self proclaimed Glock basher form most of my adult life. Last year, I bought myself a Shadow Systems MR920 Combat, for Christmas. I own a CZ 75B, a couple of P-07s, a P-09, a 75D, a S&W Shield and an M&P 2.0 Compact. I shoot the Shadow Systems better than any of them. Fast forward to this year, I bought myself a Gen 5 G19 for Christmas. After a tiny bit of 'smoothing' of the internals, it shoots phenomenally for me. I have my steels set up at 50 yards. In the last couple of days, I've shot 5 for 5 on a 12X20 inch target, more consistently than I have with any others than my Shadow Systems. I handled a Gen 3 at a local gun shop before ordering the Gen 5, the finger grooves didn't fit my hand like I thought they would. This gun is surprisingly accurate. I can even hit my 6" round at 50 yards fairly consistently, if I haven't had too much caffeine and I do my part. This is off-hand. The one change to the Gen 5 that no one is talking about it the trigger spring. It's a compression spring rather than a tension spring with the hooks on the end. If you look at spring behavior and failure modes, I would bet that the failure mode for that spring is one of the hooks finally wearing through. Mind you, that would likely take thousands of rounds and I haven't personally heard of anyone having a problem with it. Compression springs, like a valve spring on an automobile cylinder head, should last considerably longer. I've completely disassembled all of my handguns down to the last piece, including my Ruger Mark IIs. The Glock design is the simplest of any I've had apart. The ergonomics on pretty much every other gun I have, are better than the Glock/Shadow Systems. BUT, I shoot them the best and am quickly falling in love with the design. I put my Holosun on my S&W 2.0 last weekend and I still like the Glock better. I'm seriously considering selling the Smith. The length of pull on the Glock is longer than my other guns as well and this fits my hand better when shooting. The aftermarket is better for the Gen3/Gen4, but I've been pleased with my Gen5 thus far. Just my two cents, Winkel
  13. I mean 'the innocent until proven guilty in a court of law' subjects.....
  14. Yes, I do some dry fire as well. As many would suggest, I never have any ammo in the room with me and I never point the firearm anywhere near anyone or toward a room that might have people in it. At most, a negligent discharge would necessitate the purchase of a new TV. I sometimes shoot the perps on COPS.
  15. I've got an M&P Compact with the optics cut and a Holosun 407C in the cabinet. I also have a Glock 19, Gen 5 MOS in my safe that is my Christmas present this year. I have a Vortex Venom on a Ruger 10/22 but that may come off an go on the Smith. I have a Shadow Systems MR920 Combat that is not optics ready but I shoot it much better than I shoot the Smith. I think I'll stay with irons on the Glock, assuming it shoots like the Shadow Systems, but will likely install one of my red dots on the Smith. I love the feel and ergos of the Smith but am finding I shoot the 'Glock' trigger better. Time will tell!
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