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  1. Not yet. I'm still leaning heavily toward the S&W M&P 2.0 Compact. I'd like to get the 3.6" barrel but that one isn't optics ready....yet. Still holding out and just sent a big check to one of my daughter's student loans. For now, the Holosun sits snuggly in it's little box. I've considered the P10S but am still just watching videos and reading reviews. I'll report back when I pull the trigger.
  2. So sorry to hear this Rampy. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said but my prayers are for the living as well. We lost our neighbor a few weeks ago. He was a good dude with a great son that is at U of I. The son is staying in school because that's what his dad would have wanted. He'd just turned 50 and they said his heart just gave out. He appeared to be in good health so it was a real shock to see all the sheriff's cars in his driveway that day, doing a wellness check. It sucks and I'm sorry for your loss.
  3. For the record, I'm a huge CZ fan and have seriously considered the P-10 series. I currently have two P-07s, a P-09, a 75B, a 75D, a S&W 9mm Shield and the Shadow Systems MR920 Combat. I have a few .22s as well. I have steel plates set up at 50 yards and shoot a couple of times a week even if just a couple of rounds. I really like my SA/DA guns but the last two guns I bought were striker fired and I'll be damned if I don't like them just a little better. I can't express how much more I like that little Shield than I thought I would. That's what has me leaning toward the Smith compact. My Holosun arrived yesterday. I have no shortage of handguns to grab if/when I need one so I'm not in a huge hurry to pull the trigger on something new, just want to explore other options. For the record, I'm an engineer and research (Google/Youtube) the hell out of everything I buy. I just want to hear some real world opinions. I really do appreciate the feedback. Of course, I want dependability, then, ergonomics and a good trigger. Aftermarket support is a concern as well but further down the list. Not to brag but I'm pretty solid when it comes to understanding the mechanics of a trigger system so the 'good trigger' is relative and I can tune it to my liking for a range toy. I'll limit my discussion of triggers to that because opinions vary on tinkering with that kind of thing. I agree with John, let's not get our shorts in a bundle over this, I don't want the thread locked. Come on guys, let's keep the discussion going. I'm taking the next couple of night off from working on the spare room in my basement because I'm out of 2X4s.......but I digress. I have some research time on my hands. I'll pass on the range visit. I have my own range and have no desire of shooting at a public one. I'll fondle a few guns in a store when I zero in on my coveted purchase and I'll adapt to the gun.
  4. Well the Shadow Systems MR 920 Combat has the Glock style covered for me. I love the way it shoots and the internals/design is really impressive, how simple it is. I like shooting it but the ergonomics make it feel like I'm shooting a 2X4. Again, I like it but not enough to buy anothere Glock. I was popping a few rounds through my P-07 last night and the ergos on that gun are just fantastic to me. I'm pretty set on striker fired for this next one and am also considering the FN 509. It will be something in the compact family and it will be polymer. Other than that, still looking for recommendations.
  5. I've been wanting a 9mm with a red dot sight for a few years now. I'm having more trouble picking up my sights with every added candle to the birthday cake. I just turned 56. I ordered a Vortex Venom a few years ago and had planned on having the slide milled on my P-07 or P-09. I sat on it for a while and finally mounted it to my Ruger 10-22. It's a good skunk gun now and it will probably stay there. Fast forward to this weekend, I ordered a Holosun 407C-V2 last night. I have a handful of CZs and really like them but have recently picked up a S&W Shield 9mm and a Shadow Systems MR920 Combat which are both striker fired and are the first striker fired guns I've owned. I'm really liking that system so I plan on buying another that is optics ready. I'm leaning very heavily toward the S&W M&P 2.0 Compact, optics ready. There are a lot of good options in this family/size of optics ready, striker fired guns, but I really like how that little Shield shoots and handles. What do you all recommend??? I may just be looking for validation of my choice here but would really like to hear some other opinions on the topic. Thanks, Winkel
  6. I believe I have that same exact vise in my garage if it's a Columbian. My good Wilton 400 is mounted safely in my basement! Those babies are expensive. Nice start and welcome! Oh, nice boot Greg......
  7. Yes, we own our phones. We've been buying our own replacements for a few years now because we don't want to be locked into a contract. We'd only be switching phone service, not internet. We have a local provider for that, that transmits from a water tower just down the road. Our internet is ok, and yes I mean just ok. I'll look into some of the suggestions posted here. Thanks for the replies. Winkel
  8. Guys and Gals, My wife and I have been with Verizon for 20+ years now. The annual cost keeps going up without the increase in service. I won't get into the boring details but I think we can get comparable plans for a lot less than we're currently paying. Have any of you switched away from a big carrier to someone smaller and less expensive? Who are they and how has it been? I just want us to be able to keep our numbers. We're both over 55 so maybe we can start qualifying for some senior discounts!
  9. There was a movie a few years back that employed that type of a system, I can't remember the name....
  10. They only shrink when you put them in the dryer! I got some 9mm from my BIL a few months ago. Some of it looked like it was damp and was a little corroded, nothing serious, just kind of dirty. I threw a couple of boxes in my tumbler with some walnut and after about 30 minutes, it looks and feels shiny and smooth. It's AE 124 grain and it's feels plenty hot. Now, I only have about 900 rounds to polish......
  11. I stopped watching when they started kneeling and I haven't had the urge to go back.
  12. I'll assume there's no prep work before you send it off but wonder what they do other than a good caustic dip to remove oils. I have BCGs with varying levels of roughness relative to surface finish. Of course, the wear/sliding surfaces are all pretty much the same.
  13. Wow, someone would actually adjust your turrets? I seriously can't imagine. I guess they thought they were helping you zero it. Yes, that would be irritating.
  14. I'm curious what webpage everyone else is using to get their news. I have my start up page set to Fox News and have for years but it's lousy with embedded videos and ads popping up. I run Windows Defender on my laptop on a regular basis and don't think I have anything virus-related going on, the same thing happens on my phone. I like to log on briefly in the morning to see what's happening in the world, but I'm about at my wits end. Where do you guys get your news?
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    Good morning from southern Indiana. Got my coffee and my laptop.
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