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  1. Also, I wouldn't jump right into increasing the gas port size but an 18" rifle length barrel doesn't have a lot of dwell time/length and they can be under gassed. I had to open mine up after the requisite trouble shooting, a few years back. Mine was with a CMMG medium contour barrel, for what it's worth.
  2. Winkel

    Magnet vs Optics?

    Dirt shooters..... that's funny. I plan on plagiarizing that! For what it's worth, you can get some really impressive magnets out of old hard drives. I always salvage them out of old computers before I dispose of them. The HD disks also make great reflectors/mirrors. I've carried one in my pocket on hikes before and you can send some serious sunlight into the back of a shallow cave with one if you're still standing outside. I use to light them up for the kids when were were out hiking in cave areas.
  3. Winkel

    AR Stoner barrel in 350 Legend

    I don't know about their barrels but I did buy a Stoner BCG from Midway a while back. It's ok but the finish was pretty rough when I got it. The gun wouldn't cycle fully when I installed it. Once I realized what the problem was, I lightly stoned the mating surfaces of it, cleaned it really well and reinstalled it. It's been fine ever since. I know it may have worn in some on it's own but it was riding in the aluminum upper receiver (obviously) so I didn't want it chewing that up. I'll buck up for a better one the next time. I don't think I'll be buying any Stoner stuff in the future, but that's just me.
  4. Winkel

    Pictures......Yep Pictures.....

    Yep, those Raptors are awesome.
  5. Winkel

    Pictures......Yep Pictures.....

    That is awesome. I would love to go out west one day with the wife but I need to change out the foam in the passenger seat in my Tacoma before she would even consider it. Assuming that is a Raptor, those trucks are the bomb! I'm a Tacoma fan and have the TRD Off Road, but would love some forced induction...
  6. Winkel

    Hey MontanaLon

    Happy Birthday Lon!
  7. Winkel

    Hey GLShooter

    Happy belated Birthday Greg. Hope you had a good one and many more to follow.
  8. John, You might also try going to settings, go to app manager, go to the specific app that is causing your problems and see if you can change default settings in there. Gary
  9. Winkel

    I'm Officially a Hoosier Now!

    You are certainly welcome Caleb. If you're ever going to be in the Louisville area, or Corydon Indiana area, drop me a line! We have a decent earnest offer on the house in Illinois and a second showing to another individual tomorrow morning. But man, I hate moving. I'm getting too old to hump furniture but I'm too damned tight to pay someone else to do it!
  10. Winkel

    I'm Officially a Hoosier Now!

    Yes, we love the area in Illinois in which we live and really like all of our distant neighbors, just don't like the taxes and politics.
  11. Winkel

    I'm Officially a Hoosier Now!

    Yeah, pretty stoked to be leaving Illinois. Sad, isn't it?
  12. Winkel

    Hey alpo

    Happy Birthday Alpo!!
  13. Winkel

    Hey scotto

    Happy Birthday my caveman friend!
  14. Winkel

    I'm Officially a Hoosier Now!

    Yes, it's been on the market for about six weeks. We've had quite a few showings and all the feedback has been really positive. We've had a couple of offers but they have been contingent on the potential buyer selling their house first. We have a showing tomorrow. Fingers crossed....
  15. Winkel

    I'm Officially a Hoosier Now!

    Good point FW, thanks!