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    Folding Utility Knife

    I have one of the Kobalt ones pictured above, but if I'm really getting with it cutting up some boxes, I've had the blade come loose. It's never happened with my Milwaukee knives. Really, buy one and you'll love it.
  2. Winkel

    Bolt Malfunction

    That's fantastic! I have a nephew that's a combat medic in the Army, stationed at Fort Campbell in KY. My daughter is a Logistics Readiness Officer in Okinawa. Tell her thanks for her service! And yes, please let us know what you find.
  3. Winkel

    Folding Utility Knife

    I have two Milwaukee ones. They have a button on the side that when depressed, lets you flip the knife open with one hand, and when you release the button, it locks open. Then, you press the button again and flip it closed. With the button released, it stays locked closed too. It doesn't have a spring so you can flip it open and shut one-handed. The blade is quick change too. I've tried several and like these the best by far. I think I bought mine at Lowe's.
  4. Winkel

    Does this need something?

    You can get the Kratex Dremel tools at Lowe's I believe. If not, Amazon surely has them. They work really well and remove material slowly while leaving a nice polished finish. I use them on my 9mm feed ramps when the finish is not to my liking.
  5. Winkel

    Pants poll!!!

    I also have a couple of pairs of the Woodland Camo rip stop BDU pants I bought several years ago. Those, I do wear the heck out of for the nastiest jobs I have. I change into them as soon as I get home from work once the weather cools off. They are (I think) the jungle pants. They have the flap in fly so you can go commando when you're in the jungle. I wear Haynes boxer briefs though, in case this thread is going to go sideways.
  6. Winkel

    Pants poll!!!

    I bought a pair of these a couple of months ago. They are a bit pricey but you can find on-line coupons to help with that. I don't have a much seat time in them yet, but man are they sturdy feeling. The pockets are almost too deep and there are a bunch of them. There are also pockets inside of the pockets. I really like them. I actually wear them as a pseudo dress khaki pair, to work with a dress shirt so I'm not really stressing them as intended. I wear a 36" inseam and they had my size. The pair I got fits true to size compared to my other pants but if you can find a store it's always a good idea to try them on first. They feel like they'll last a very long time.
  7. Winkel

    I'm done with Chinese footwear.

    Holy crap TT. I just visited the White's Boots website. Those little gems are pricey. Nice looking boots though. I'm sure, with proper care, they'll last decades. I still have a pair of Danners that I bought in 1993. They're heavy and insulated so they don't get a lot of mileage put on them. In fact, I can't remember when I last wore them. If they were uninsulated, I'd wear them more often.
  8. Winkel

    I feel blessed

    In Illinois, we had a FOID, Firearm Owner ID card. If you had anything gun related, or if you wanted to buy guns or ammo, you had to have a FOID card. It involved a State Police application and background check, then you got your card in the mail with your driver's license picture on it. I still have mine now that I live in Indiana, just as a reminder of how screwed up that state is too. It'll be really interesting to see what California looks like in about 20 years.
  9. Exactly! A lot of nights, I step out onto the deck, crack off a couple of shots with my 9mm of choice (at my steel targets), then step back in, reload and put the gun back in it's cabinet. My wife likes to pick up my brass.......not.
  10. Winkel

    I. HATE. Remodeling.

    Oh yeah. We're redoing three bathrooms and are getting ready to do the kitchen. The bathrooms are just light stuff, removing wall paper, painting, new toilets, vanity tops, etc. The walls were not as smooth as they should have been because the wall paper was put on when the house was built. I guess the mud job didn't have to be perfect because it was going to be covered. I am going to be cutting out the old shower unit in our master bath, and moving a wall to install a larger shower. It's no big deal because I've done several in the past. We're also removing the big corner Jacuzzi tub and putting in a smaller vanity. Now that I think of it, that bathroom will pretty much be a gut job. In the kitchen, we're moving cabinets and painting all of them, then new counter tops and flooring. I can't work as long as I could five years ago, but I'm still pretty mobile. When we do the bathrooms or any other room for that matter, I ALWAYS patch all of the holes. I've never been lucky enough to be able to reuse the existing holes. Good luck Brother!
  11. Winkel

    Useless women-lit the wood stove

    PM sent John.
  12. Winkel

    Useless women-lit the wood stove

    Well hell no! You'd have to give up that extra deer tag!
  13. Winkel

    Useless women-lit the wood stove

    Wow, you guys are making me feel lucky. I've been married for nearly 29 years and really have no complaints. My wife came to my work today so she could get my truck and go get a load of firewood at the local pallet company. She cooks, cleans, does the laundry, splits wood, paints, and is still pretty darned cute to look at. AND, she's frugal. She buys a lot of her clothes at Good Will even though we can afford for her not to. OK, I'll quit bragging now.
  14. I tend to believe the forged units are stronger for the exact reason you stated above. I know that's the case for steel and would assume a similar trait for aluminum.
  15. Hey Guys, I've been considering a Palmetto State Armory kit. It seems like they all are 1:7 twist. I pretty much shoot 55 grain pills exclusively. I know it will shoot them but will it shoot them well? It just seems like a pretty aggressive twist rate for a 55 grain bullet. What say the experts? Thanks, Winkel
  16. Winkel

    Can't wait until supper

    I think my wife's chili is one of my favorites. She's adapted it to my tastes over the years. Lot's of meat, lots of garlic and she puts orange and yellow sweet peppers in it too. I love garlic in just about anything meaty. One time at supper, she made garlic bread. I didn't realize it was garlic bread, and slathered it liberally with honey. I was eating a piece of it when she walked in and watched me eating it for a few seconds. She gave me one of those looks that only a wife can give and explained the error of my ways. I just shrugged and kept on eating. The next piece was doctored up the same way.
  17. Bush, I haven't opened the component bags yet but the upper looks really good. I'll do a little write up after I get it all assembled and shaken down. Sorry I can't say more right now, we've just been busy lately working on the house. Plus, I already have a nice 16" lightweight build that I finally have a load for that it likes. The new PSA is a 5.56, mid length, 1:7, M-Lok MOE, EPT Rifle with MBUS sights, Sku 5165450549. I really like the feel of the slim forearm. I'll probably swap out the charging handle for a BCM Gunfighter Mid and top it off with a Vortex Venom I have stashed away. I just need to order a riser for the red dot so it co-witnesses with the MBUS set. Winkel
  18. Shot some steel with my P-09 from the deck last night and tonight. Got my new PSA kit a couple of weeks ago. Waiting for some bad weather and boredom, to build it. We've been busy still moving in to the new (to us) house. My wife has been stripping wall paper and I've been patching holes in walls and putting up new towel bars, toilet paper holders, etc. Changed out all of the toilets a couple of weeks ago. Back to guns.......
  19. Winkel

    New watch came in today.

    I don't think you can beat Casio for their small electronics. I've been a fan of their watches and calculators for a long time (mechanical engineer), and am sporting a G-Shock myself right now. I made some custom brackets for mine so I could make a paracord wrist band for it. They turned out really well. Fortunately, we had a laser welder where I used to work! Nice purchase, I like it! The only problem I've had with mine is static pulse. If I'm wearing a sweater and my Marmot jacket, and take the jacket off without first removing the watch, it whacks out the synchronization of the analog hands to the digital readout. Since you set the timing digitally and the hands follow, it's a bit of a pain to reset. There's a video on Youtube that shows how to fix it. That's the main reason I made the paracord band for it. I can quickly snap it off before removing my jacket.....when I remember to.
  20. For me, it's just one, the original CZ forum. Yes, I'm a CZ fanboy. And no, I'm not a hipster. I do visit rimfire central from time to time but not much lately. I mainly stay with forums like this that are moderated for mature, decent and respectful content. I'm a member on a Toyota Tacoma forum too. It's informative and entertaining, but I'm sometimes surprised by the language that is allowed. I'm not offended by it since I'm not easily offended, just surprised.
  21. Winkel

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Nothing at the bench, but I did pick up 1,000 CCI 400 small rifle primers and 200 Sierra 55 gr. BTHP pills last week. I have a pretty decent amount of brass sized and primed, so once I get my reloading area set back up, I'll be in business for a little while.
  22. Winkel

    Tell me 'bout the PSA EPT trigger kit.

    Just pulled the trigger on a PSA kit, Saturday night. It has the EPT trigger group but I'm not optimistic I'll have it assembled any time soon. I'll probably wait until the weather turns bad this winter. But then again, I may get the itch sooner than I think.
  23. John, Maybe you could find a reputable vendor and give them a call. They might offer a service for existing barrels like this, and might even have recommendations regarding whether or not your barrel would be a good candidate. I would think it would be worth a call. Winkel
  24. Winkel

    SS case ammo

    That is interesting. If you can pick them up with a magnet, I was incorrect in assuming it's 304... It'll be interesting to see if this takes off.
  25. Winkel

    This is a very good read .

    Sad but true.