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  1. This goes out to anyone that has been affected by the bad weather that we have had over the past week. If anyone has suffered losses, whether it is property or loved ones, my condolences to you. I live in Conway and drove through the Vilonia area this afternoon; I couldn't believe what I saw. My prayers go out to my fellow Arkansans.
  2. cenark150

    Newbie From AR

    Welcome. I'm new as well. Conway area here.
  3. Cool, I didnt know about that. I'll check it out. Thanks!
  4. Already sizing up some AR-10's
  5. I agree. One of the best movies I've ever seen.
  6. There is some good information in this link. It also states that the "poor man's patent" technique of mailing yourself a letter won't work - and explains why. I hope you get everything straightened out. patent info
  7. Yeah, I've got a friend who lives on a lot of open land in the country, I guess that will have to work for now. Congrats on your build, I'm sure you're itching to shoot it.
  8. Nitehawk, I understand that there is no cure for it... oh well. :D
  9. Ha, you are quite right... Guess I'll have to make use of some private land that belongs to a friend of mine while I wait for the Mayflower range to reopen
  10. Hey guys. I'm new to the forum and the AR world, just thought I would introduce myself. I picked up a Sig516 a couple of weeks ago and have enjoyed getting to know as much as I can about it. Only mods so far are a Blackhawk single point sling and a couple of of Magpul Pmag's. Can anyone tell me where around central Ar that I can go shoot? The Mayflower range is closed through next month for their renovation.
  11. Very loyal pup you have there
  12. Nice looking gun for that price!
  13. The grain on the wood stock is impressive.
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