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  1. so since I haven't gotten anything else In I decided to pre-occupy my time with color fill it still needs cleaned up a little but u get the idea I feel it wasn't bad for my first try
  2. what a slow start this has been its been about 6-8 weeks since I ordered and it finally came in yesterday the first piece to my puzzle
  3. Haha thank u sir I will make sure I do that I was gonna order from palmetto but heard there kits frequently are missing parts
  4. this Friday I plan to order atleast a lpk but if wife allows it im gonna order a lpk pistol grip and buffer
  5. I am going with the raptor for my build
  6. I have now ordered a special ops tactical stripped lower and a vltor upper with forward assist now if anyone comes across a dpms or stag arms lpk I need to order one. now im just playing the waiting game on my parts lol
  7. Ok then I will go vltor I dont wanna buy anything complete
  8. i was wondering the difference in noceskes stripped upper and vltors stripped upper as far as barrels go idk who im gonna go with yet i think i want a 24" flutted barrel tho
  9. idk if this has been posted before but i used to buy from these ppl but now seeing this and just how completly redicoulous this is i will never look at this site again this goes well above and beyond just regular price hiking no wonder they have them instock http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/MAG-074?utm_source=Slickguns&utm_medium=organic
  10. nice rail I wonder if that will clear a adams arms piston kit?
  11. well its slightly late but better late than never heres my wishlist and what i have planned for my ar my bday is coming up if someone wants to get me something off my list for a present lol jk anyways if theres something not on the list that i need feel free to let me know cause good chance if its not on the list i forgot i need it or havent decided on it yet Lower: Special Ops Tactical stripped lower DPMS lower parts kit w/o trigger geissele trigger (not sure which yet) magpul battlerifle stock not sure which buffer (make me a suggestion preferably spikes) Upper: adams arms bcg adams arms rifle length piston system samson rifle length rail 20" flutted barrel from blackholeweaponry and debating between a vltor or adams arms upper but currently focused on the adams arms
  12. unfortunatly we are in a world where u get what u pay for u want a cheap red dot ur more than likly (not always) gonna get cheap quality and it wont hold "zero" aimpoint has some decent red dots maybe check them out as for slings i cant really tell u much there im sorry
  13. believe me i will definitly be taking my time considering its gonna take a considerable amount of time to get everything lol and im gonna make this gonna exactly how i want it even if it means having to save funds to get particular stuff and i do plan on getting a whole parts kit or a parts kit w/o trigger group im posting this from work when i get home i will add an unoffical parts list of what i plan to go with but things are possible to change since im still 100% unsure but i have a pretty good idea and yall can tell me what yall think
  14. i appreciate the list of tools for my first gun im just gonna get the bare neccesities as far as tools and then later invest in the rest as i plan on building all my future ar's although i see your point i plan to stick with the piston setup i believe it is a good setup and will go a long way and it will stay around if ppl come around to using it but many ppl believe in the DI setup firmly and with good reason but i always favor giving new technology a chance so thank you for your input and i really appreciate the list of tools needed
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