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  1. I have a few questions for O.P. What is the water capacity of a fire formed case? It would seem that the smart way to go would be a straight TCU. Is your lower a box stock lower from NFA? Did you change the parts kit out for a steel kit?
  2. The simple reason is "THEY SHOOT" and they are reliable. Made in the days when parts were made of steel and hand fitted. Not the junk that comes out of an injection mold that's way over priced.
  3. What is the American 30 2.0? There is only one A30 as far as I know. There are some abortions from BHW out there with the same name, but they aren't American 30's. BHW sold off a bunch of barrels marked A30 knowing full well they were wrong. They used a concept reamer. It was originaly only to be used for development then reground. The reamer they used had an extra .070 of neck length plus the .050 of free bore. Total all this up, your lead should start some where around 2.004. One more thing. Unless something has changed, BHW doesn't have and has never had a set of head space gauges. Thus the reason for all the problems such as differing chamber lengths, making brass and having to use Starline basic brass. The real A30 is made from 6.8 SPC brass with one pass. You could use the Starline basic brass, but isn't necessary. The shoulder is formed using the 30 Harrett die and head spaces off of the shoulder for the first firing.
  4. BL-C(2) is a knockoff powder. It was formulated to copy BL-C which WAS a military pull down powder. It was sold in 1Lbs cans with a yellow label. Bruce Hodgdon acquired the original batch, which was loose in a railroad box car. When fired, it has a similar aroma of H110 and Win296. However in is no way related to either of these powders. After being discovered by the Bench rest crowd it was used in the .22 Talldog, 22 walldog and the good old 222. Needless to say it was a good powder. It was however a little temperature sensitive and you had to keep an eye on your load when shooting a match with it. If I had to say anything bad about BL-C, it would be [ You can't get it any more ] BL-C(2) is temperature sensitive. It was made to copy the original BL-C. But as they say, close but no cigar. It does work well in the 204 Ruger , 20 Practical. Just be carful with maximum loads if worked up in cooler weather. It meters well because of the shape and size of the powder granules, and it loads very dense ( You can get a lot of it in a case ) BL-C(2) never did measure up to the original BL-C but it does have it's place. If you can find a deal on some , I would buy it.
  5. Don't believe everything you hear, or read. Look at the .358 Winchester, 30% bigger case and runs at 55,000 PSI. The fastest load Hodgdon's lists is 2603 FPS with a 180 grain bullet. The rest of the data is running in the 2500 FPS range. If the 358 MGP is running 2500 FPS it's somewhere North of 65,000 PSI
  6. The American 30 doesn't need fire forming!!!!!!!!! It was always the intent to run through a size die and trim to length. It doesn't matter whether yours was one of the first made or the one of the last ones made, if you have to move the shoulder by firing it's not right and it's not an American 30. Another problem you will find in this chamber is overall length. There is an additional .070 in front of the case mouth. Also another little problem is excessive free bore. It could get by with a lot less. The list is endless as to what caused all the problems with the American 30. Just to name a few , wrong head space gauge, wrong reamer, a total redesign by someone who couldn't tie their own shoes, etc. If you choose to go through all the headache to fire form brass and use up bullets for less than 50 feet per second that's your call, but don't believe what ever is lasered on the barrel. You have a 30 caliber wildcat that fits in an AR. I can say this with certainty because I designed the American 30 reamer. It is the same reamer we used to make pressure test barrels and work up loads. We never fire formed a case in over 3000 rounds that were fired in testing.
  7. Are you really sure you want to go with a 1 in 8 twist? There are lots of options out there that would be a better match. In an 8 twist, 5.56 service rifle loads will run side by side with the Valkerie. The 22 Nosler will out run it by a couple of hundred feet per second. And the 22X6.8 will out run them all. Remember the Valkerie is only .7 bigger in case capacity than a 5.56 and runs at 55.000 PSI. The 5.56 runs at 63.000 PSI. Quite a difference for less than 1 grain of capacity.
  8. Tinkered is an understatement. ****ed it up is more along the line of what I would call it. BHW tried to design their own reamer and failed miserably. BHW needs to stick with what they know. Reamer design isn't on that list.
  9. I had the MagnetoSpeed. It worked fine, but the problem I had was point of impact shifting. I like to tune and shoot for groups at the same time. When using the Magnetospeed, I would have to sight my rifle in after I was finished. I went to the LabRadar and couldn't be happier. I do still us my CED M2 on occasion when I'm shooting my .17's or 20's going over 4000 FPS
  10. I agree 100%. If you go custom you can get it either way. IMHO the way to go is, 6.5 Grendel reamer run in an extra .010 and use a .125 deep bolt. This would be the best of both worlds.
  11. 2000 pounds of shot? That's only a years supply for just myself. Lol I would like to get in on a truck load deal though.
  12. I just checked the date on my reamer drawing. I designed the 22X6.8 in Feb. 2013. The reamer was ordered March of 2013. We have been shooting this for a little over 4 years. Federal must not be connected to the internet. A simple Google search of the 22X6.8 will get you information and load data for this cartridge. I would be willing to bet you could even get some load data with pressure numbers. I believe I pressure tested this in May of 2013. I would have gone with Grendel case on this one. In my opinion it is better suited for the style of bullets they are offering. Sticking a 90 grain bullet in a necked down 6.8 case is going to use a bunch of case for no reason.
  13. I would go with an 18" Light profile. Another little thing I would do is, thread your barrel and run a thread protector. I wished I had gone this route when I started ordering barrels years ago. Go with the 1 in 10 twist. Any of the bullets that will fit at magazine length will stabilize with a 10 twist. There is no reason for the 9 twist in a 6X6.8. The only reason Black Hole even made a 9 was because their 6X45 wouldn't stabilize the Nosler 100 grain Ballistic Tip. The 6X6.8 WILL stabilize the 100 grain B.T. with a 10 twist.
  14. So let me get this straight. You are loading a 460 S&W, AKA "V Raptor" using the minimum suggested loads and calling that your maximum load? You have to get to the higher pressures before the Raptor out preforms the Bushmaster. If someone is telling you the Raptor will out preform the Bushmaster at those levels, you better ask more questions. The next thing they'll want to sell you is some Beach property in Az. The 450 Bushmaster out runs it by a considerable margin. It has ready available brass. The 450 wasn't stolen like the V Raptor was. There is a considerable amount of data out there for the barrel length it was intended for. Factory loaded ammunition is available for the 450. I don't see that happening for the Raptor. Now I want to throw this out there. I'm not any kind of expert on this but, I own 2 450 bushmasters a 16" and a 20" on an AR15 platform. I own 1 20" 450 AR10 upper for a DPMS platform. I also own a 20" Savage model 10. I also have the pressure testing equipment to make sure I get myself into any trouble. At the end of the day there is only 2 grains of water capacity difference between the 2 cases. That's not enough to make any difference with a bore this size. It all comes down to being able to out do the other guy. But what are the consequences? That's for you to decide.
  15. I would go with a 1 in 8 twist. The current trend is higher and higher B.C's If the bullet weight stays the same, the only way to accomplish this is with length. The only way to stabilize these long for caliber bullets is a faster twist rate. SAA is a retail vender. They have no ties to Black Hole other than selling SOME of their barrels. If you notice SAA only sells 3 chamberings. Black Hole makes upward of 20 different SAMMI and wildcat chambered barrels.
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