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  1. What about a Saiga in .308? Pretty good accuracy, more horsepower than x39 or .223, and if they manage to make it fit the HK-91 mags it will be like hitting the trifacta! Interested in your opinion. MOFreedom
  2. Nice gun and Nice pics! Makes me want an M-14!
  3. Also home of the MIAC reports and we are 'Blessed' with 2 Federal Reserves. Welcome to MO
  4. There is a group in KC area that is into open carry. They have meetings where they meet, eat, and open carry usually. Good Luck, MOFreedom
  5. Be CAREFUL! If it is corrosion, you could have an 'Exciting' failure on your hands (And right in your face too) It's not worth risking your safety. Look if there is a rough surface (The case will be thinner) or just discoloration. (The case will be ugly but servicable). If in doubt, scrap it out! MOFreedom
  6. Still waiting for the 'Savings' to kick in. hehe Anyone shoot up some ammo just to get the brass? Guilty!
  7. I am still waiting to 'Save Money' hehe
  8. Win brass in 7.62x54R is made by Privi, so you might as well save a few dollars and just buy Privi to begin with. Most of the Mosins, and all of the PSL's were designed for about 150 gr. projectiles. You can slug the barrel to find out what your options are for projectiles. Hornady makes several options in .310. .3105, and .311 projectiles. Good Luck, MOFreedom
  9. Where can one get one of these mythical crimp tools? MOFreedom
  10. For the pistol rounds listed I use Bullseye and small pistol primers. For the .223, I use small rifle primers and Winchester 748, but YMMV. MOFreedom
  11. 16 cents / round if the brass is on hand, 19 cents if I have to go out and buy brass. I use www.missouribullet.com projectiles and they are good up to 1400 FPS with 5 gr. of Bullseye. Works great for me and is a snappy load as well. MOFreedom
  12. OAL can make a big difference too, but it is generally best to stay within what twist the bullet weight likes. MOFreedom
  13. My scale goes to 3 places in grams, but I just want ya'll to know that, "I can quit anytime I want to" MOFreedom
  14. I keep paper towels from hand drying and with them wadded-up, throw 5 or so in with each batch, they come out pretty black, so therefore taking up carbon from the cases. New media gets Nufinish and each load gets a splash of mineral spirits. MOFreedom
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