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  1. Wow, thanks for all the input. seems 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other...some good some bad. I've heard a lot about PSA lowers being great, but have not heard all that about the uppers. I will have to keep my fingers crossed again thanks
  2. my first build. I have completed the lower--PSA and I have a BM charging handle and BCG. Now I need the upper So I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on this from PSA. $400.. I dont see too much as far are reviews on their sight. 16" Barrel length Chrome moly vanadium barrel 5.56 NATO 1 in 7" twist Chrom lined bore HPT/MPI Barrel M4 Feed ramp F-Marked front sight post A2 Flash hider sling loop stanadard hand guards w/heat sheilds forgred upper receiver Vortex strikefire Red Dot Optic T-Marks
  3. Well I got it fixed. Popped it out with a punch and hammer. Came out pretty easy actually. So I want to thank you all with suggestion. So I finished the LPK and am just waiting for the butt stock kit and ejection door assy to arrive from PSA. again thank to all for the help.
  4. Well, I took the lower to work today to check it out under a magnifier.....getting to old to see these little parts. you will be happy to know I got it fixed. I tiook a punch and hammer, hit the pin from the opposite side and it popped out. Thank God Lower parts kit all installed. Waiting for buttstock kit and ejction port cover to arrive. thanks to all for the place to vent this mistake out and to all who supplied suggestions.
  5. Ok, so i just started my build. working on the from takedown pin. Put the spring in, detent, held it with a blade, and I slipped the pin in as slick as can be. Heard that dentent hit home inside the pin...then realized it was the rear pin....too short....and coming in from the right side. DAMN DAMN DAMN OK so once all the laughter subsides, does anyone have any idea how to get this damn thing out?
  6. Well I f I go across the line to PA who will know how many 30 round mags I have.. I also own an XDM 9mm with the 19 rd mag. Can buy any 10+ after 10/1. I can own them, just can be sold in MD. So who knows if I have 1 or 50 right now. Such is life in the Repubic on Maryland
  7. thanks for the info. I'm sure I wanna do 556 on the first build . That is if I ever get this one done. Gonna drive to Cabelas in PA this weekend and see what I can pick up
  8. So, after thinking about it for over 1 year, I finally started the process. Ordered my PSA lower on April 20, it arrived Apr 23rd to my local gun shop. Thanks to the MD laws, and my good friend the Gov , my 8 day wait for approval --well not really APPROVAL, just DID NOT DISAPPROVE---finally came through on Aug 23rd. I must have a different calendar then the government in MD. Anyway, now I have the lower in hand along with a LPK from PSA. I hope to start building this weekend and have watched MIDWAY Videos, Brownell Videos and Youtube. My first question is..at what point will I, or did I alread...choose the caliber. My lower is not stamped with any thing other than MULTI any help?
  9. Any recomendations on the best book or books to buy to show how to build an AR-15 and also book for maintaining and operation of AR 15.
  10. Looking for a video I might get to learn about AR15 and building them. Saw with on Midway ad: Midway USA Gunsmithing the AR-15 vides says ... watch as they build from scratch...tips..see internal workings... $14.99 anyone have experience on such videos? I know nothing about ARs but would like to learn and maybe get one. Been thinking about RRA or Bushmaster....never shot one, have held a couple and they seem like something to get into. My only gun is XDM9MM and I've only had it about 3 -4 years THOUGHTS?
  11. Yeah I've seen that toe before on the MD Shooters site. I'd recognize it anywhere
  12. Hey Maui You don't take any betteri pics here than you do on MDS!! love the toes
  13. I am leaning toward Rock River but still not sure. Have to save up the cash first. I've just been trying to learn what I need to have with it, what to look for...that kind of thing. I know I will most likely get something entry level and buil from there. Figured reading some books can' t hurt.
  14. So it does not seem like much support in here for RRA? I was leaning that way myself only because it felt better. Now keep in mind I've never shot one. I mean I did shoot an M16 back in basic in '72 but that's been it. But the RRA felt comfortable to hold, not too much weight. Bushmaster felt a lot heavier.
  15. It has been suggested that as a newbie looking to get into AR-15's, that a great book to read would be Patrick Sweeny's Gun Digest book of the AR-15. I went to the bookstore and there are vols 1 2 and 3. Does anyone know if they are just updates or continuations. Should I start with the first or does vol 3 contain mostly the same stuff.
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