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  1. Hey all just wanted to let you know what great folks we have over at Addax Tactical I am from Texas but my job takes me all over the world! and this week I was working in Cali and since I ordered my GPU upper from Addax I though I would drop in to see them!! Got the royal treatment from Lolly who in my opinionrunss the place for her brother. I got to see my upper (Well the proto type for my upper) and lolly hooked me up with the Addax" I flew in from Texas package" (T-shirt and Logo for the back of my truck). Only thing would have made the visit better, would have been to take my upper home with me! (Fat Chance) but I havesomethingg to look forward to. So if you get the chance stop in and see Lolly, and let her know your from AR15 Armory.com group! Oh and buy something while your there and use your forum discount!!
  2. Thanks all!! Addax does offer us discounts, just not on the upper I am looking at ethier way I'm still matching it to my Spike's Punsher lower!! Way cool putting all the parts to my lower together. I will post Pictures when it's done!
  3. Thank's Don! Nothing come's to mind! Just need to know when choosing one, what I need to look for.
  4. Does Adam's Arm's give forum discounts to members? Addax does not, on the model I'm looking at!! Still wandering about the hand guards?
  5. Hey folks, do all gas upper companies use free floating hand rails? I found this one Addax anyone have one? What's their lead time like?
  6. Great job! What are you going to use for site's/optic's?
  7. Just wandering what is a good amount of ammo to have on hand for any one cal. My brain says 1000 rds? (Just pulled that number out me arse)!
  8. I'm in similar boat and this is what I am looking at! They mean complete they mean complete for $719.00!! Hard to beat Rock River Arms
  9. Thanks Again Everyone!! I see this new hobby can be addicting!!
  10. KiLO did you ever find anything for your Super Nova? I bought one a few years back for Dove hunting and love it but, thought about making some Mods to a Tac gun and haven't had much luck finding (Any compared to 870/Mosburg)
  11. Nwatson99 I have a Spikes stripped lower @ $129.00 combined with the RR @ $715.00 so with Tax under $900.00 just keeping it in the budget!
  12. So would the Rock River one I am looking at be a "DI"?
  13. Just an apology if this is posted somewhere but, as a newbie I can't search! So thanks in advanced.
  14. Ok, new kid on the block and I have just ordered a Spikes stripped lower and need to match with an upper I have been looking at this option from the folks at Rock River Chrome barrel. Now I hear of this "DI"? What is it? What are the major benefits if any? Thanks
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