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  1. atopper

    Alright Kentuckians

    no apartment yet but i have my eye on some ive seen on craigslist. lookin for a townhouse 3bed 2 bath 1 car garage around $800. gotta have a garage for my gun room and shop
  2. atopper

    Alright Kentuckians

    im hoping to get the job at LinkBelt which is around Palumbo Dr and Man o war, how far east to get outta Fayette co ? county line about half way out 64 to winchester ? so maybe look for housing in winchester ? looking for a townhouse in a nice area too. thanks for the tips Nate
  3. atopper

    Alright Kentuckians

    any tips or advice ???
  4. atopper

    Fall Armory shoot

    ive been trying to make it thru this 20 page thread to learn about this cool sounding event. is there a fee? maybe the wife and i will pitch a tent. i hope im moved to Ky by then.
  5. atopper

    Fall Armory shoot

    ok im seeing its Oct 23-27. i might possibly be moved to Ky by then. hopefully. got an interview at LinkBelt, looks like a really good place to work.
  6. atopper

    Fall Armory shoot

    so when is this shoot taking place ? im moving to lexington area soon from PA. ill actually be in lex next weekend for some job interviews. tues wed and thursday.
  7. atopper

    Alright Kentuckians

    about to move to the Lexington area from PA. see ya soon
  8. atopper

    AK picture thread

    new pics with chaos quad rail and hk style sights
  9. atopper

    AK picture thread

    Tapco single hook modified trigger group Hogue grip push botton folding mechanism MD Arms V-plug gas adjust knob JT Engineering extended mag release SGM 10 round mag AlumaliteUSA custom vented barrel shroud CSS trigger guard , internal receiver block , Performance Puc , reduced power recoil spring Red Jacket Skeleton butt stock
  10. atopper

    Smoking deal on Silver Bear JHP

    Just got in on 500 Silver from SGAmmo !! heckuva deal
  11. atopper

    Bulk Ammo buy in

    interested ... depending on deal
  12. atopper

    Coolest AR I've ever seen

    i wanna like it on FaceBook just to see how many others like it lol someone post up there FB login so i can " LIKE " it haha