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  1. I have the Compact with older slab slide AFTER the cracked issue with their new contoured slide.It's nice,but reserved for med loads.I can tell you ,the med loads kick like a mule enough.The recoil spring is 14lbs and a dual recoil spring at that..So far im not aware of any spring that can be applied heavier than that being made.All the folks who shoot my 10's,they all like the compact,myself included.Glad older slides are back,just wish the older fixed sights were too.
  2. Glock 20.I have the Match,but keep loads to 1300 or less for control.The poly 20 soaks it up,imho of course.I think that is more important in a firefight.
  3. AmericanGunStore,LLC has holsters for the Witness models.They even made me a nice shoulder rig,leather and double pouch for my Elite Match,which is accurate as all and i put in a Henning Cone Guide Rod and 18lb spring from Wolff.I reserve the Match to mild loads and close to Norma Spec.It can easily handle UnderWoods ammo,but hey,the G20 is my full stout shooter.One thing i like to do,get the trigger DA/SA.Im not a cock and lock carrier,esp in a shoulder rig.Sending off to EAA to get er done.
  4. I can understand your reason and we shoot what were best with.Keep a stash of the heavy stuff.Conditions change and enviorment.You can also keep a spare mag of full house 180,s just in case.Stock spring can handle that.Best of shootin.
  5. Good article to read"The Venerable Glock 20"by Brasstard.The factory Silvertips our not even Norma Spec.Conn gets cold,BG'S wear heavy garments and are big.Just look at mug shots,youth and size.Throw in dope,you might get one of those zombie wing nuts.
  6. Few days ago i asked same question on landline regarding the Limited Pro 10mm 4.75.Fullsize was directed.
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