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  1. 1GunPaladin

    Good Morning!

    Mornin' Everyone! Hope y'all have a great day! Carry On.
  2. 1GunPaladin

    Mi Ultima Compilación (Completed)

    I. LIKE. THAT! Very, Very, NICE!!
  3. 1GunPaladin

    Good Morning!

    Mornin'! Make it a great one, Everybody! Carry On...
  4. 1GunPaladin

    Trade in G19 & G26

    As I read and understood elsewhere awhile back (I forget where), Glock quit using that finish for environmental/safety to workers, type of issue. IIRC, applying the finish was hazardous to the health of those working to apply it; like it caused cancer, or somesuch. Again, I don't remember the specifics, but know that was the jist of why they changed finishes. I get it, but yeah, that Tennifer was a great coating...
  5. 1GunPaladin

    Good Morning!

    Morning, Everyone Hope the Day is Kind to Y'all
  6. 1GunPaladin

    Good Morning!

    Mornin' Everyone; just under the wire!
  7. 1GunPaladin

    Good Morning!

    Mornin' G, and all the rest of you! Stay Warm, and Carry On!
  8. 1GunPaladin

    Good Morning!

    TiltedKilt is a great way to start the day. Goood Mornin' all; Carry On...
  9. 1GunPaladin

    Good Morning!

    Mornin ! Have a good one, Ladies & Gents! Carry On.
  10. 1GunPaladin

    Good Morning!

    GoodMornin' Y'all ! Stay warm, stay sharp; God Bless & Carry On.
  11. 1GunPaladin

    Thinning out my collection

    Just...WOW. Haven't been here in far too long, and one of the 1st posts I see is this....I think my heart paused for a beat or two. But, seriously...I get it, and you/your decision. A hearse doesn't come with a luggage rack...it's all just "stuff", in the end, if one is being honest with themselves about such...and it is AWESOME that one is gettin' passed on, like that...THAT'S what it's about, my friend. I, too, woulda liked to see some pics tho ... A guy like me; how I grew up/live...every boomstick, I knew was an 'investment" ...as in, I make my choices for given reasons....can't just buy everything I want. So a few have went, here in there...just last wk, a mini 30...too little use, and tho I thought it'd compliment the AK's (that I love the hell out of, yet, for what they are)...other things come up. You have the memories....weather it was the hunt for a specific piece for the collection, or in the shooting....in that sense, they are ALL "tools"....helping make memories you couldn't have without them. That is for ALWAYS; even selling won't make you lose that. So, you are ahead of the game, in more ways than one, I always thought. I wish you nothing but top dollar sales, Noneya. A bonus, on top of what your collection has given you. Now it's somebody else's turn; maybe a chance for something they thought would never happen, were it not for your offerings coming up. A win win. Takecare
  12. 1GunPaladin

    Good!!!!!!!!!!!!! Morning!!!!!!!

    Well past Morning, for me...but just checking in! Best to y'all, this Morning, and the Rest to Come!
  13. ...AND AM SO DAMN GLAD OF THAT! Y'all have a great one!
  14. 1GunPaladin

    I doubt the FedEx Guy likes me much, lol

    If you want to ask, feel free; worst I can do is pass. I know what they go for new, and you are right about the length...I think they make a 22" and 29" as well...but I'd have to look again... Any info is always appreciated; thanks for the offer, Sir!