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  1. I am thinking Nikon, I have a buckmaster on my 270 WSM, for me, I picked it blind at my local fun store, gave the guy my budget and he picked scopes out of the case and let me pick the one I thought was best.... Now why is it on your run of the mill remington or whatever, I always hear people talking about low rings, but on an AR type rifle it is always high rings, (I am guessing it is the design of the butt stock. So if I plan to go with a 40 or 44 mm objective, what height rings should I go with? And why the need for the cantilevered scope mounts, do I hold this thing different than my regular rifle or.................? Next, I have a heavy rifle, do I really need the QD rings, and the back up sights, as far as home defense, I have a .45 and a 12 gauge, (along with my .40 and 9mm) the nod will go to the shotgun IF it ever comes to that. But damn the back up sights look so nice... Any way I may be ranting, or opening a can of worms, but hell have fun, let me know what you think.
  2. WOW nobody has an opinion, or advise......? Christ, even bad advice is better than no advice.
  3. I recently purchased a heavy 20" barrel, AR style rifle, I want something I can put a bipod on and shoot the hell out of gophers with, I would like a reccomendation rings, scopes, and just because you never know when the gophers may gang up and charge a guy, the flip up style open sights. I would like detachable (sp) mounts for the optics, and some sort of back-up. Before anyone goes SHTF remember they are gophers, I can stomp on zombie gophers....accuracy 3-5 MOA is fine for the back up sights (that means I get to shoot more), optics will be in the 4-12 range.