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  1. Still looking. I forgot to check in here and the offered stock was sold. Sometimes I'm not too bright. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
  2. I appreciate the offer but I am just looking for an A2 style stock. Just old school I guess. I will be ordering a new stock tomorrow if I don't find something here.
  3. Still look for an A2 buttstock and a castle nut. Hope everyone have a good New Year.
  4. No just the stock and castle nut as I have pieces and parts from previous builds here. I do have just a standard buffer tube so that may limit what I can use for a buttstock. A standard A2 stock is really what I am after.
  5. I have been there many times but I don't live there.
  6. I don't care what it is I just need those two things to finish my lower. I live in NY so if it happens to be an adjustable stock it will have to be pinned before I can have it. I am not looking for high end stuff as the holidays have killed my savings account.
  7. I am wondering how to automatically subscribe to a thread that I either start or just post in. I see I can do it manually in each thread but I can't find an option to do it in my control panel. Thanks Phil
  8. Yeah, that would help to know. I am 3 hours north of Albany, near Plattsburgh.
  9. 1:8 or 1:9. 69gr bullets work good and make a mess of small critters. Keep in mind if you have to carry it all day in the woods you may be interested in a shorter barrel to save weight.
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