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  1. After the start of this thread I contacted Stag and they said that is what they use on all their parts kits and rifles. They ar suppose to be much stronger, still makes me nervous for my first build. They had a prompt response from there customer service with in an hour on the first email and then minutes on follow up responses.
  2. I thought the price was to goo to be true, and thanks for moving me to the correct spot. This noob is still trying to find my way around!
  3. Does any one use or have any information on UTG and their free float rail system? Thanks
  4. I was there yesterday and the outfitter at the gun counter straight up to a guy asking questions about it that I wouldn't buy it even for that price. Most of you nailed it, he said no FA or Cover, it seemed small light and chincy. But if some one on here bought one I sure would read the review and range report.
  5. Big Mernie

    It Begins.

    Looking Good so far, I just got my Spikes lower today and am building a similar gun. I bought one of the blemished uppers from Bravo in the clearance section and it was not to shabby. There is just some blemishes on the T marks on the rail, but the rest is in great shape and cheap to. It comes with the ejection port door and forward assist. Good Luck I will post some pics in the next few days on this post so you can see.
  6. Sorry to hear of your woes, I had to run home and check my Stag LPK from Bravo and sure as sh@t I have those same dam pins you are talking about. Can I just go to the local hardware store and get some new ones. If so what sizes and styles? I just got my Spikes lower today and I am ready to put it togeather. This is my first build and would have pooped my pants if I would have done that. Once again thanks for sharing!!!!
  7. I am new to the game and curious about reputation
  8. Sorry to ask but I can't search yet but does anyone have reviews of 16" yhm carbine length barrels?
  9. Why the parts shortage? I am new to this and just trying to understand what the deal is. Does this happen often with only so many manufacturers do they only produce at certain times of the year? One of things I like about this site is guys are willing to share good little online dealers that don't come up on basic searches. Thanks
  10. Man good questions to ask, I am wondering some of the same stuff. Thanks to all the people that are here to help us noobs.
  11. Just ordered my first parts the other day and I am pumped. I got a spikes lower, BCM upper and a Stag LPK. I am now starting to look for a barrel 16" carbine but everybody seems to be out of them right now (atleast the ones in my price range), the other part I need is a BCG anyone have any suggestions on a decent quality BCG with a fair price. I know you get what you pay for but there are so many places on the web that sell stuff, so I am just looking for some helpful hints. I don't get it I was looking for cheap ammo and found a spikes lower on sale for 80$ free shipping. Anybody know of a site making great deals on BCG's? Thanks
  12. Pepper thanks for the info, I have heard some horror stories about reject parts that are built and sold at Gun Shows.
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