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  1. Magelk

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Us poor folk only have green. but someday in the not too distant future, I can see all kinds of blue!!
  2. Magelk

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Trimming 223 brass. Thank God for the worlds finest trimmer.
  3. Magelk

    Hey Magelk

    Hmmm, quite the surprise. I haven't been on all that much. Stupid responsibilities. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!
  4. Magelk

    OCW hmmmmm

    So I ran 5 rounds over the chrony today. 2936 2936 2930 2930 2936 Never have i had speeds so damn tight.
  5. Magelk

    OCW hmmmmm

    Moved out to 200 yds and it was fairly simple to get to the optimal charge. Next week I'll have to run a bunch over the chrony and see what speeds we have.
  6. Magelk

    OCW hmmmmm

    What do you mean split? I was increasing 1% so about .7 grains
  7. Magelk

    OCW hmmmmm

    It was 100 yards. 200yds is on deck some time this week. Started somewhere around 66 and increased 1% with the final load being 69.1gr Nosler manual has 68 being max for a 190 gr accubond. These are Berger VLDs and there are no pressure signs. I want to throw these over the chrony while I'm doing this but the range I belong to has lanes shooting through 5' concrete sewer pipe for noise suppression. They are about 20 feet long so by the time I have it set up, its almost 25 feet away. I suppose I could do it but I don't think that would work very well.. So for the chrony, i have to use the 50 yard range. Also, the rifle is a Tikka Hunter with a Burris fullfield II 6.5-20x50mm. The scope wouldn't have been my choice but it was already on the rifle when I bought it from my ffl guy. As it turns out, i like the scope.
  8. Magelk

    OCW hmmmmm

    Attempting to work up a load on my 300 mag. So I'm doing the OCW thing, with 190 gr Berger VLD's and RE17. The first charge weight was a little off but then every charge after that was identical. 7- 3 shot groups, exact same spot and almost the exact same size. First world problem?
  9. Magelk

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Which is why I bought it on amazon.
  10. Magelk

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    Long time, no post. Lately I've been messing with my 300 magnum, trying to get a load ready for elk and mule deer. Last years load was horrible shooting it this year and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why. So messing around led me to 180 gr accubonds and it started out good. I was all settled with a max load of RE17 when group size opened up astronomically. I used an F word. So everything that could possibly come loose on my scope mount did. I spent an hour last night tightening, adding loc-tite, swearing, etc. Today, the groups are sub MOA and I'm back to happy!
  11. Magelk

    Our Bass Pro Shop sucks

    My local reloading shop has powder all the time. Not always exactly what I need but I run across what I need in a few trips.
  12. Magelk

    Rocky Mountain Reloading

    I buy from them. You have to read the descriptions on the bullets there. a lot of them say different things like this, "9mm 124 grain Plated Hollow Point Bullets. These bullets have a thicker plating than most plated bullets. Please use jacketed load data when loading them as lead cast data is too slow. These should work well for 9mm as well as .357 sig use. They are .355 in diameter." I have used almost full power loads with some of RMR's bullets and the are excellent for the price. Also, pay for the insurance, they've had trouble with jackass postal employees a few times. They ship everything in flat rate boxes and I think they get pissy about how heavy the boxes get.
  13. Magelk

    Broken expander.

    I remember some dumb dumb I know stuffing a 7mm into a 270 winchester.Boy he was stupid.
  14. Magelk

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    What's funny is I've owned and loaded this rifle for 15 years. It has sat in the safe for about 8 years. The load I use to use doesn't produce good results anymore. No idea why. Use to get 1.5 inch groups and now, blech. Thats what made this little escapade frustrating.
  15. Magelk

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    I finally got a decent load for my 280 remington. Damn thing has been giving me nothing but 2.5 inch groups (or bigger) no matter what I did.H4831,RE19,IMR4350, nothing worked. Switch primers and lengths, nothing good. Today I went a direction I had never thought to try and I loaded up some 140gr Sierra BT's with 47.5 grs of IMR4064. 1.25 inch groups!