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  1. Sights. Since it's a game gun, maybe something with a fiber optic rod up front. Leave it alone and shoot it. The money you save on gizmos, spend on ammo. jvg
  2. If we were facebook friends, I'd like that photo. jvg
  3. The OEM +2 is the best, IMO, and I've tried them all over the years. jvg
  4. Glock 19. Period. It's the best balance of size, capacity, caliber, and concealability. If you cannot do it with a G19, you should rethink what you're doing. jvg
  5. A revolver in the hands of someone who actually trains with the system is far more effective than a semi auto in the hands of someone who only thinks they're trained. In regards to the Python....a 4" blue model is on my short bucket list. If they could make a current production model equal to or better than an original in quality, sign me up. jvg
  6. Great review. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. jvg
  7. Interesting. I'm curious to see patterning reports. jvg
  8. That's a great pistol. I love mine. Very accurate. jvg
  9. Thanks for the review! We look forward to having you back in one of our October classes on your next vacation. jvg
  10. My 11-87P, almost completed...just waiting on a sling. Details: Remington 11-87P, factory equipped with a Scattergun ghost ring rear and XS Standard Dot front. I replaced the Standard Dot with a tritium Standard Dot. 3GunGear.com side saddle. Vang Dome Safety Dave's Metal Works tactical bolt handle Shortened the factory stock by an inch and ground the recoil pad to fit. Streamlight TLR-1 on a Streamlight mount. jvg
  11. I've used both of those parts on my 870 for the last year or so. I'm extremely pleased with both. jvg
  12. Glock is relasing the G30S this year. It's a G30 frame with a G36 slide assembly. 10+1 capacity. Compact size. FWIW, I have an older G30 and it's a very accurate, easy shooting pistol. jvg
  13. http://kingarmory.3dcartstores.com/SJ-RM01A-machined-Delrin-12ga-follower-orange-or-green-wnub_p_45.html Their dome safety is also excellent. http://kingarmory.3dcartstores.com/SJ-RM03-oversized-safety-for-Remington-8701187-and-clones_p_49.html jvg
  14. I've had great luck with the S&J follower available from King's Armory. jvg
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