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  1. Supposedly a collage degree shows an employer that you can learn. Every one will die, whither you see a physician or not. Weather people are really just performers on tv. One of them here used to say that he was never wrong, just that the timing was off. Just try to be the best you can be and do not let what anyone else thinks bother you.
  2. You need a broom handle for longer reach.
  3. General Marshall's order came after the battle for Saipan. There were three divisions fighting on the island, 2 Marine and 1 Army. The Corp Commander was a Marine. The three divisions were to fight abreast as they went up the island. The Marines were fighting on basically level land. The Army division, which was in the middle, had a harder task because of all the gullies and the like they had to clear. The Marine General demanded at the end of the battle that the Army General be replaced. Marshall, at first, balked at that idea but gave in and sent the Army General to Europe where he ended the war as a Corp commander. Marshall did issue the order that Army troops would not serve under a Marine Corp General. After Saipan you will find that all combined forces were under the command of an Army General.
  4. You still have much better writing skills than 99% of the population. Don't sweat the test, it is not the make or break of the hiring process,
  5. Just how much of what you did if you ever served can be talked about? My experiences will still be classified 200 years from now. They may be declassified before those classified documents from our War of Independence are. So, just keep rolling on the floor laughing and never learn from your betters.
  6. Marine Corps NCO reading list? Marine Corp officer list? If they are so good then just why did General Marshall issue an order that no Army private was to NEVER serve under a Marine Corp office? DD-214? Only if it comes straight from St. Louis. But I have seen so many padded 214s that they are worthless except for total time of service. As one of my History professors, a retired Navy Commander, NATO Historian, United States European Command Historian and NATO Huntmaster and a professor at the Navy Academy remarked one time that his brother said, "Let me tell you my war stories , they get better every time I tell them." And his year long Evolution of Warfare course was the same one he taught at the academy and the Navy War Collage. You might like his book "From Savannah to Yorktown: The American Revolution in the South" by Henry Lumpkin. And, I took his class after my discharge from the Army.
  7. I have obviously forgotten more about war than you will ever know. Remember, the Russian army personnel can not read a map because it is against the law for anyone to own a map. So, the laugh is really on you and the mentally challenged like you.
  8. The S&W 500 Magnum will do the trick. But a big rifle at a distance is always best.
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