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  1. stewartjwnls

    DPMS LR308 mag question

    So, I received 1 Magpul 20 round magazine. Loaded 20 rounds, and fed flawlessly. Did the same again with the DPMS, and immediate jams. I will be sending the DPMS mags back as recommended by all. We'll see what the results are. In the meantime, I believe I'll add a few more Magpuls. Thanks everyone. Jim
  2. stewartjwnls

    Ammo for P16-40 10mm conversion

    Well, so your experience of the BB loads with a Para similar to mine is what I was looking for. I really didn't want to try a heavy load in this pistol until I had some feedback. I'll give some of these a try. Thanks.
  3. stewartjwnls

    DPMS LR308 mag question

    You are correct. When I bought these, they were listed as 19 round but would accept 20. Now the DPMS web site calls them 20 round. I'm using Federal Premium 168 grain Sierra Matchking. Not sure how it would be the ammo, since when loaded to only 5 or 10 rounds, the rifle feeds and shoots perfectly. However, I am a novice to this type of gun. Thanks for the welcome.
  4. stewartjwnls

    DPMS LR308 mag question

    I'm very new on this forum and can't run a search yet, so apologies if this has been beat to death already. I acquired the above rifle over a year ago, did not shoot it much then, and am just getting around to trying to break it in. I loaded up several of the 20 round magazines to full capacity and promptly had feed issues. The first 9 or 10 rounds would not feed. Had to run the charging handle each time after firing to get them to load. The last 10 fed pretty normally. Apparently I did not load like this when I first tried this rifle a year ago. SHould mention that each round jammed into the feed ramps. Cleaned the rifle, lubricated well per DPMS instructions, but same issue. However, I loaded the same mags with only 5 rounds, and the rifle shoots perfectly. DPMS had indicated that I should return the magazines, but this was prior to this last test with only 5 rounds per mag. So, is this just a case of mag springs that are too tight? Are they just going to change out the springs? I really hate to go to the trouble of returning these and waiting for them if there is a simpler solution. Anyone had experience with this? Thanks in advance. Jim
  5. stewartjwnls

    Ammo for P16-40 10mm conversion

    sqlbullet I saw that, but noticed that Swampfox offerred heavier loads. Would like to hear from someone with experience however, before I ordered some. Have you shot the Buffalo Bore ammo? Thanks. Jim
  6. Pretty sure that sqlbullet is correct. Don't think you can do this with a P14. I looked into that and went the P16-40 route. Just finished that and have been impressed so far. Also, I bought a 460 Rowland kit years ago to do to a P14-45, but before I got around to it, they had pulled the kit from the market. When I checked into this, they said they had heard of too many issues with the Para. Not sure if they ever corrected that.
  7. I have just completed a conversion of a P16-40 to 10mm. Storm Lake barrel, 22 lb spring. I plan on carrying this in the Rockies in Montana on vacation this summer. Heaviest firearm available for this particular trip. While I believe in bear spray as a first line of defense, this will be the backup. I have been looking for factory ammo for that purpose. I found the spreadsheet listing out known suppliers, and am interested if anyone can give me any feedback on the Swampfox loads in this particular pistol. Anyone with any experience here? Thanks in advance. Jim
  8. Just completed a conversion of a P16-40 to 10MM. Used a Storm Lake "drop in barrel" (it wasn't drop in), new full length guide rod and 22lb spring. Had to do some fitting including changing the barrel link. Just shot it for the first time last week, and so far I really like it. Minor problem though, the rear sight fell off! So, have some more work to do. This pistol as a .40 was really accurate. So far, I think the 10mm version will be as well.