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  1. Anyone able to recommend some good 6.8 uppers? Been searching a lot and haven't found very many, the best was here http://cmmginc.secure-mall.com/shop/index....p=1&cat=174 I can upgrade it to the 7.0 omega rails, but that seems like it will be a pretty short gun...
  2. Thanks guys. I was thinking of 6.8 for the caliber. Any advice on a good barrel length for a combination gun like this? I rarely am in terrain to take shots beyond 200 yards...but I don't want something that is too terribly long for the tactical aspect of things.
  3. I am pretty new to the AR15 world and am looking to build my first one. I would like to have a rifle for hunting deer and possibly bear as well as having a 'tactical' rifle. I was thinking a foregrip, eotech site, light, etc for tactical, but then being able to take some of that off such as the site and foregrip and plopping down a scope for hunting. Is this really a feasible type of thing to do? Thanks
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