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  1. POKER1

    Ever ACCIDENTALLY Pepper spray yourself?

    Been there a few times myself. Never sprayed myself but there were always some overly excited folks around to help with that............
  2. POKER1

    I am a hunter

    every chance I get.
  3. POKER1

    I lost my middle cat today

    Sorry to hear it
  4. POKER1

    Swamp People on the History Channel

    Thanks. I got my 2 tags in the annual lottery drawing here in N LA. I kept my 2 gators so I'm not sure on the price. Has been really low for a few years. Thats a Glock 23 and what I shot them with. And that is some dried water hyacinth in the tree limbs from previous flood, not turkeys.........
  5. POKER1

    Swamp People on the History Channel

    Like any other reality type show today there is quite a bit of add-lib going on in the show. Its for all the other idiots around the country who have no idea of life outside their own. If you pay attention you can see 2-3 different guns, different shirts and different scenes in suppossedly the same clip of them fighting 1 gator. All for show. But we do love our gators.............