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  1. Yes legal to hunt with, I know they are legal in NE but not sure about hunting with one
  2. I love my 20" BHW 223, its a heavy profile and while Im not the greatest shot, and I haven't had time to really get it sighted in, with a cheap 3-9 scope I can drill a 16x12 steel plate at 400 yards as fast as I can pull the trigger. Im still in the process of finding out about if SBRs are legal or not
  3. Well guys, after this years deer season, Ive made a decision. I tired of packing my heavy a$$ 22 inch MARK X 270 around. Up and down hills and though the cedars is not what I call fun. Using my bathroom scale it weighs about 11lbs unloaded. I love the rifle, its a gift from my dad, and it flat out anchors deer with the 140 accubonds, but it kicks like a mule and with the hard butt plate bout 3 shots at the bench and Im done lol. Ill still probably take it with when sitting in the stand but for walking around I want something lighter. The standard that Im going to use for comparison is a 1974 Winchester model 94 Carbine in turdy-turdy. Needs to be light, short and handy, able to kill deer at 50-400? yards. Needs to get on a running deer quick Lower- Use the spikes lower that I have, Vltor stock, RRA trigger, T2 buffer Upper- Probably another spikes, been very happy with them so far. Barrel- Up in the air right now, want it to be light but don't want to sacrifice any accuracy. Thought about a 16" light profile without a muzzle device, then Ive been kicking around a SBR at 14.5" little heavier profile with some fluting, with no or a very short muzzle device. AFAIK SBRs are legal for deer in NE, I read through the regs and didn't see anything that said you COULDNT, but Im gonna ask a friend of mine who works for the GAP. Getting the tax stamp wont be a problem, good friends with the local sheriff. Don't really NEED the SBR buuuutttt theres really no reason not to have one right? Whatever I go with itll be a BHW Handguard- IDK yet something light though, need to do a little more looking. Free float, no rails, aluminum probably. BCG- haven't even looked yet Optics- couple ideas for a lower powered scope, able to get on target quick, 1-5or6. Want to be able to get the most out of the round without breaking the bank, so an acog is out. Thanks guys
  4. I like the 20 rounders all around. I think ARs look bada$$ with a 20 round mag, don't know why.
  5. Thanks Greg, it was something I was just sitting around wondering.
  6. For heavier ballistic tip type bullets in 223? Heaviest btip from hornady and nosler is 60 gr. I'd kinda like to see a 65ish gr one so I can make up one load for varmits in the 1-7 and 1-8 barrels.
  7. Its amazing to watch him shoot too. He's probably 75 years old and we went out to our little redneck shooting range I built and off a right handed ricktey wooden bench (he's left handed) he was shooting under an inch and was a little disappointed in himself. He won the benchrest competitions like 4 or 5 years in a row.
  8. One of my relatives contacted us on sunday to see if he could shoot some Pdogs. We said ya and he came out and brought his Anschutz in 17HMR and MAN!! was that thing sweet! The trigger was so light, the first time I touched it, the trigger scared me! I said something about it being really light and he said "Aww it aint too bad, Ive never messed with it from the factory". Keep in mind that he has won multiple Cornhusker state gold medals in Bullsye pistol and Benchrest. Wish I could afford that kind of rifle just to shoot dogs with!
  9. Im wanting to build a 6.8 for a short range lightweight carry around rifle for deer hunting. Just gotta get the $ to put it together.
  10. I got a dragon head. haven't shot it much yet but have heard very good things about it. GLshooter did a review and if its good enough for him its good enough for me!
  11. I was thinking though you could get some with a pressure on/off switch. I may be completely wrong though, If you ask my GF it happens a lot. lol
  12. Im planning on it. But it wont be till after he gets out of the Guard. Id like to know what Im doing before I try to teach him.
  13. Im wanting to build a 6.8spc lightweight rifle to carry around when walking pockets during deer season. The 24inch,4.5-14 scoped, wood stocked Interarms 270 is just unwieldly for quick shots and carrying is, well, tiring as heck. So Im thinking either a ACOG or something like an Eotech and a magnifier with a flip off to the side mount for the occasional longer shots. Leaning more toward the Eotech/magnifier. Im not much for iron sights so Id like to stay away from them. Yes red dot sights are legal for deer hunting here. I know a bit about scopes but know nothing about ACOGs or red dots, as far as brands, or specific model numbers. So any information would be helpful. The only thing I would like on that can use a pressure switch so its not on all the time. Thanks guys
  14. Oh it isn't for profit. Its for my future FIL. Hes trading me some 223 brass plus reimbursement for reloading these rounds for him. Id have him come over to help but he lives 2 hours away. At some point Ill probably teach him how to do his own. But for now I thought it was a fair deal. thanks for the opinions though
  15. I was approached about reloading some pistol rounds, mainly 45acp and 357/38special. Never reloaded for pistols so I'd like some tips and pointers. I told him I could save him some money, anybody know what their running for costs for their ammo? I'm looking for a good load that replicates the government 45 load for a 1911. Along with some places to get the fmj rounds A good target load for the 357 and 38 special also. Thanks guys
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