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  1. Oh Ya.. I will be reloading for this 338,or I could not aford to shot it.. Cant wait to get some rounds down range with it. Everyone that has shot one,talks about how "LOUD" they are.. And the recoil.. Im almost scared to shot it.. LOL..
  2. Just bought a new Mossberg 4x4 338 Winchester Magnum. Have not even had a chance to shot it yet. Just wondering if any one has had one,or has heard any thing "Good or Bad" about them. Seems like a great buy for the money. This is my first Bolt gun.
  3. Right at $400.00 plus tax... I know thats alot for a 22,but the neat factor is worth it..
  4. Its a little Tack driver at 25 yards.. Was hitting a old propain bottle at 100 yards..
  5. Just picked up a GSG-5 SD.. I thought I liked my sons S&W 15-22,BUT I love this little rifle.. Got a great deal at my local Fun Store as it was on sale this month.. What I like best, its a blast to shot and you can shot all you want for cheap.. Just wanted to shair it with you guys..
  6. Anyone have any info on these MP-5 9mm clones from Guns America. They are in the $900.00 range.. I would LOVE to own a Real MP-5 but $900.00 IS MORE MY $$ range..!!
  7. No Joke guys.. Garage Sale: $5.00 for Desk. $10.00 for Chair. I LOVE my Wife...
  8. Spec`s are nothing special for my "Learning" curve.. Hodgdon H335 @ 26.0 GR. The lead is Sierra Varminter 50 GR. Splitzer. Primers are Federal No. 205`s. Does this sound like a good "Learning" to reload set up..?? All input is VERY WELLCOME !!!!
  9. Cleaned and loaded a few 223. shells today for the first time.. I feel like a new Dad.. LOL.. Here is a picture of my first time..
  10. Very KOOL!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats.. Just started into reloading my self...
  11. Thats what I wanted to hear Ken67....
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