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    I enjoy cooking and shooting I put my FIRST 1911 together from a kit.It is back at Caspian to have the engraving and a slide hand fit to the frame So I'm waiting for it to be returnd so I may get it finished.And I am happy to anounce that I purchased my FIRST DPMS AR-15 and I'm waiting for it to come in should be a week or so I cant wait i am really excited.

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  1. Hello I just purchased a Dpms Carbine I plan on installing some picatinny handgaurds Any idea who has the best in the way of clean sharp rails and a good coating? and 2nd what are the T/L-markings I.E T-2-T4-T6 AND SO ON . THANK YOU Clayton
  2. Hello Newby here lol I thought in the u.s or it may be just Oregon I'm not sure but I thought when a Police Officer was killed that it was an automatic death sentence for the suspect? God rest his soul and may he and his brothers and sisters in blue keep heaven safe God bless ALL FALLEN OFFICERS AND THEIR FAMILYS.... Clayton
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