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  1. I built my first one in '06. A 16" Rock River carbine. Great rifle! But man I put some stupid crap on it. NCstar this, UTG that... I wound up selling it in 2008 so I could buy an engagement ring for my now ex-wife. On the list of all-around stupid decisions I've made in my life, that one sure pulls some serious weight!
  2. Like most people here it all comes down to what I'm trying to do. For my coyote/benchrest gun I won't buy ammo that can't shoot around 1/2-3/4 MOA from a bipod proned out. I wouldn't ask my 16" DTI middy to do that because it just couldn't. From that I would say anything that would count as a chest hit on a human from 1-200 yards standing would be fine. That might not sound too impressive but I'm not that impressive of a shooter!
  3. FINALLY got the rifle out yesterday. It's been a brutally cold winter here and yesterday was my first day off of work over 40 degrees all year. Like an idiot I forgot to bring any tools with and had short stroking issues due to a misaligned gas block. But I still put quite a few rounds downrange. Sighted it in using some XM193 and was punching 1.1" groups from 100 yards with military surplus. Not too shabby! I also brought along some Silver State Armory 70gr, SSA 64gr, and Hornady 77gr Norma rounds to see what would go through the best. I only put down a single 3 round group of each round so I wouldn't say it was enough to really judge each round too well. But overall, I am very very impressed with this barrel. Here are the results... XM193 The rounds outside of the circled ones were sight-in rounds with XM193 SSA 70gr Probably my fault on this group. I imagine this round is capable of better. I'll try it again next time I head out. Hornady 77gr Normas SSA 64gr Whoa. Color me impressed on this one.
  4. Adam86


    Anyone here use them? I'm going to be starting on them once this carton of cigarettes is gone and am looking for some advice/tips on them. What all do I need to start? I've been looking a lot online and the options are ridiculous. I'm not sure what brand to look for or what to get for a good starter kit. I'm in a very cold climate and am looking for one that will charge in the car and hold its battery life in the cold. Any advice anyone can offer would be appreciated!
  5. Just bit the bullet on the Blackhole barrel. Thanks guys
  6. Well, my plans called for a 6.8 build but I decided I was just going to go with a .308 bolt gun and keep one of my ARs a dedicated paper puncher and coyote killer. But since I sold my 24" Wilson bull I need a new barrel. Probably a blessing in disguise since I was sort of hoping to go lighter with this gun. Hoping you guys can help me find a barrel based on my criteria. The Musts 1:8 or 1:7 twist 18" or 20" .750" gas block MOA capable Under $220 The Maybes Would prefer a rifle length gas system Would prefer a .223 Wylde chamber Black in color would be nice I would really like it to be in stock with no lead time Help me out guys. I've been racking my brain for a while researching, comparing, and shopping around and can't narrow it down to one. Thanks everyone!
  7. Good buy! Got mine for about $470 out the door at Gander a couple months ago. They really did an incredible job at recoil mitigation with this gun. Follow up shots are a breeze!
  8. I love Glocks, but I really fail to see the purpose for this. Was anyone really asking for it? Like others have said, they should get to work on a subcompact single stack 9mm.
  9. I don't know if you have a smartphone or not but if you do you should check out My Fitness Pal. I would say that it has probably helped me lose half of the weight I have lost. I never knew how many calories I was taking in every day and just how much of it was refined carbs until I started tracking. Tracking calories isn't terribly hard but trying to track your protein/fat/carb percentages can be difficult without a program like this. It makes it simple. I no longer have days where I say to myself "I thought I ate really healthy last week, why did I gain weight?" Good luck with your goals bud.
  10. Even as someone who is typically on the side of the gay community, I disagree with this decision whole-heartedly. However, A&E is a private company and I believe they should be allowed to do what they want. And hopefully this decision will lead to their getting wiped from the air when people stop watching their network.
  11. You guys who have lost a decent amount of weight... Did you notice loose skin when you lost it and what did you do about it? Is skin removal surgery the only option?
  12. Nice dude! I'm 6'1" 211 and 17% body fat. Aiming for 185 and ~10% That is down from 290 at 35%
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