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  1. Haha I got the auto bday email this morning and realized I hadn’t checked in here in awhile.
  2. Howdy ya'll I see a lot of new names and plenty of old ones here now. Been a long time since I dropped by last and thought I would say hi. Lifes been a bit busy and crazy the last few years but the last year especially. Anyway hopefully I will remember to drop in more often.
  3. Dang... Logged in for the first time in a long time and saw this. Noneya was a great guy and will be missed. I was supposed to meet up with him at Firebird Raceway in Boise a few years ago. But couldn't make it happen. RIP Don
  4. At the time of these I was shooting a Nikon D3300. I upgraded to the D7200 for a year and still use it sometimes. But my main camera now is the Nikon D850
  5. There's a couple P51's in the area. Pacific Fighters here in Idaho Falls has one I see sitting outside their shop often. And Legacy Flight Museum up in Rexburg has 2 they own and a friends often keeps his in their hangar. So there is often 3 up there and I know of one other in the area that is privately owned as well. They also have a couple of T-6's/SNJ's, a Grumman S6 Tracker, P-63 Aircobra and a Twin Beech 18 and a few Stearmans all of which get taken out for flights often. Also the CAF wing out of AZ had their B-17 Sentimental Journey and B-25 Maid in Shade at the airport a few weeks ago.
  6. Also shot a little video of the bears and I finally put it together this weekend. Here's the video! The gap in audio was to cut out my buddies phone number.
  7. Sunday, my buddy and I headed up to Grand Teton National Park (only a 2 hour drive away) to look for bears. Needless to say we were pretty successful. Unfortunately they were a little too far away to get super tack sharp photos of and they never did come closer. But, this is the Grizzly bear known as Blondie and her two 2 year old cubs. Plus a few Bison in the early morning light as well!
  8. I know nothing about the default Samsung browser. But I do know with Chrome you can in fact turn off location. That said with all the privacy stuff coming out it seems like Android is absolutely terrible for privacy/security and it makes me kind of glad I switched to Apple last year. Apple is well known for not sharing customer data and such.
  9. G-Shocks do use a non standard attachment point. So unfortunately you are stuck with either stock casio bands or you can get an adaptor and use a NATO type strap. I am not sure if there are some out there that would allow you to use a different type of strap (I have only ever seen the ones for NATO straps). Google should find a bunch of adaptor options and I have no idea whats good or junk.
  10. Damn... What a loss. Can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said here. But RIP Jeff and Nancy
  11. When it goes I may have time to kiss my arse goodbye and that’s about it. Love living close by and wouldn’t trade it for much of anything. Easy to get up there whenever for a day trip.
  12. If, it was me, I would file down the edges so that it's not sharp and just leave it. But, since it is sentimental I have another idea that sounds good in my head at least... Especially if you are pretty handy I am not sure how much material there is on either side, but I am wondering if there is enough to maybe drill a small hole in each part of the break, JB Weld the pin in place, let it cure then slide the other end of it on and JB weld it up. That would at least give it some shear strength since most epoxy/jb weld is weak in that regard (once tried to JB Weld a car door handle lever and it broke with the smallest amount of shear force).
  13. Thanks, its just an old gravel pit up the road aways that has been turned into a fishing pond. I'm not sure it has an official name other than the Gravel Pond.
  14. Thanks FW, its been a crazy busy year. As far as the twister goes, I couldn't believe what I was seeing when it happened. The forecast models showed a high chance of it for around here so I was out timelapsing the storms as they came in and then it just happened. Once the reality hit, I went "Oh Shat! That's close to town and there is no warning on it!" So I ended up scrambling to get ahold of the NWS to get a warning issued and ended up being responsible for all my coworkers that were still at work having to hunker down in the conference rooms and breakroom in the interior of the building. It ended up not hitting any structures in the end but still wild! Speaking of timelapses, here is all the timelapse clips from storm chasing last year. Made a lot of mistakes, but learned alot and this years will be better.
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