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  1. muddyduck

    Good Morning!

    Welcome Gunny you’ll like it here. They’re good people.
  2. muddyduck

    Good Morning!

    Good morning
  3. muddyduck

    Retcop Has Spoken.......

    Out of respect for all involved I think we need to let this one pass.
  4. muddyduck

    Good Morning!

    I'm a little late to the party...good morning
  5. muddyduck

    This Made Me Think of You Guys

    ^^^^^ This Early in our marriage my wife and I struggled to make ends meet. I gave up a few guns as well as a few other things to keep everyone fed. Things are a lot better now and we’re able to afford pretty much anything within reason. So when we want to buy a gun or something else we just go and get it... again within REASON. I’m not daddy warbucks. 😉 But also like John, I’ve been handing over the check for 30 years now. There’s never been any secrets between us.
  6. muddyduck

    Retcop Has Spoken.......

  7. muddyduck

    Family day at the range

    Outstanding! Looks like great times!!
  8. muddyduck

    Apologies to all for being away for so long.

    Real life dictates what we do. Welcome back, and the door is always open.
  9. muddyduck

    Another "Mass" Shooting

    Bias? There’s no bias in the media! Nothing to see here! MoveOn.
  10. muddyduck

    Good Morning!

    Good morning all
  11. muddyduck

    Brainless wonders NEVER Cease ; one gun a month

    This is not necessarily true. Over my lifetime I’ve seen gun laws that were unthinkable then and I thought would NEVER happen. Those are now laws. If you keep throwing crap up on a wall eventually something is going to stick.
  12. muddyduck

    Good Morning!

    Morning everyone!
  13. muddyduck

    Off we go...

    Have fun!!! Make friends!!! Listen to the teacher!!! ..... they grow up so fast...🤪
  14. muddyduck

    Weapons accuracy and attitude

    True, everything and everyone has its limits of performance from bows, black powder to modern firearms. And it’s on each person to judge themselves rightly for making good choices and ethical kills with there choice of weapons. As you said knowing your limits is key and that only comes with practice and lots of it. Im pushing conversation to those who don’t and are unwilling to do that and attempt unethical kills, or fail to train or even educate themselves on self defense. Thats the “good enough” I have been questioning.
  15. muddyduck

    Weapons accuracy and attitude