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  1. muddyduck

    Useless fads

    Yoga pants are nice... but they pull my leg hair.
  2. muddyduck

    Useless fads

    That’s most likely a high maintenance girl!
  3. muddyduck

    Useless fads

    How about: Skinny leg jeans? Puca (sp) shell neckless? .40 smith and Wesson?
  4. muddyduck


    Congratulations to all.
  5. muddyduck

    Im fliyng Jeff Foxworthy!!

    That’s awesome! I look forward to hearing about it. Hopefully he’ll be talkative and you’ll get some good conversation.
  6. muddyduck

    The Armory is in mourning.

    What a tragic loss! Praying for their family.
  7. muddyduck

    Room with a View.......

    I’m going to visit there soon. I don’t have a date yet but some day.
  8. muddyduck


    Happy Birthday bro.
  9. muddyduck

    New Vortex C.O.B.R.A. !!

  10. muddyduck

    Reloading Garfields Around the World!!

    Funny story Greg
  11. muddyduck

    Interesting new Pot Study.......

    Except being able to be armed is a inalienable right. And smoking a reefer is not. Poor argument.
  12. muddyduck

    You can not fix stupid

    We are being forcefully and skillfully played. Why? They just keep throwing crap out there with absurd wording that is so vague and broad that if they can make it stick, they win. However we are then forced to defend ourselves against the stupidity, showing them where it’s wrong which educates them further. They win again. Rinse and repeat. It’s a vicious cycle. Frank
  13. muddyduck

    Interesting new Pot Study.......

    Sorceress I’m sorry but that is a very poor argument. If someone is so inclined to risk jail and fines just to be able to get a high, probably are not a good prospect for our society to begin with. I mean no reasonable people are willing to risk their freedoms for something so trivial as smoking a joint. Reasonable people will abstain from breaking the law for things like this. To create a similar argument of what you have made would be like saying, because all people have the propensity to speed in their cars, we need to abolish all traffic speeding laws. Crazy right? But when we get the thicket and higher insurance rates, we tend to slow down a bit and follow the rules. Now, do I believe that someone who gets caught smoking weed should go to jail? Absolutely not, but you fine the crap out of them! Make the fine so big that it removes the desire to burn one, which will shrink the market for illegal trafficking. Ifthey are still so inclined to continue, then maybe jail is the best place for them. Good law abiding people who have a good life that could be at risk, will not travel down that path. But like any law that is not enforced will mean nothing so enforcement is key. When it comes to true medical use, I do not have any issues with it. I think that that point has been proven enough that there is a legitimate medical use. However these docs that hand out cards because someone cant sleep, or just need a sedative? …. There are other means for that and handing out cards is a proven route for abuse of the system. In short legalizing a wrong will just make matters worse. Proof is playing out before us in the states that have legalized it. Crime, accidents, ER visits, even cartel activity trying to grab a place in a new booming market, all increases because of it. And in some cases the tax review (I hear) is not enough to cover the increased costs of the afore mentioned but that has not been proven to me yet. Frank Sorry about the size of print, I’m not sure why this happens.
  14. muddyduck

    Interesting new Pot Study.......

    No, what I’m saying is that two wrongs don’t make a right. We are already as a society dealing with the misuse of alcoholism. We all know majuana use will only bring more or worse, and it’s proving out in the states that has legalized. WHY legalize it? Tax revenue??? It BS and has no benefit other than strict medical reasons.
  15. muddyduck

    Interesting new Pot Study.......

    The point I was trying to make was we already have distructive elements in our society. The argument that says this poison is no worse that that poison, so we can take it too is silly. Marijuana use Is different on several fronts than alcohol, and my biggest sticking point is second hand smoke. When I was transitioning from California to Nebrasksa I lived in an appointment for about a year. The upstairs neighbors were pot smokers and it was no secret when they were using. “Contact high” was a regular occurrence. Now I need to ask what about others who DO NOT want this in their life, or their children’s lives? You cannot control the second hand smoke, and unlike alcohol when used responsibly does not affect anyone other than the user.