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  1. Wouldn’t sending bodily fluids in the mail be considered a felony? Mainly because it’s hazmat? Especially to the spring court… If so she has just perfectly hung her self. Frank
  2. While I get the satirical gist of the add, it’s a poor representation of true patriot sentiments that hunting those with different viewpoints is just plain wrong. As of late, it seems the left will use ANYTHING against us. Even a joke like this one. Frank
  3. For me, it boils down to one thing. They do not have the right to negotiate MY rights away to “make a deal”. And I will remember each and every one of them for it at election time. Frank
  4. You beat me to it! I was going to say Trump - “hold my beer”
  5. I have to admit I enjoyed it too. I also noticed too there wasn’t any woke BS, and the storyline was mostly family friendly. Did anyone else notice how the final objective was VERY Stare Wars like in hitting an impossible target after passing through a horde of gunfire? It’s just like shooting womp rats. lol Frank
  6. To answer your question…. Probably ALL of them.
  7. Congratulations on the upcoming arrivals!
  8. It’s well and good to a point because it sends a good message. But remember, those that did the firing and changes are the ones who approved that crap show in the first place. It’s still the same bunch of woke azz orifices running the show. They are just trying to save the ship to try again with a different approach. They may have scrubbed the spots off of the leopard, but it’s STILL A LEOPARD! Nothing but window dressings to save themselves. Buyer beware!
  9. ^^^This is more of my approach.^^^ I see a complete meltdown as fairly unlikely, but not impossible. I’ve shifted more to realistic food storages. Intelligent dispersion and diversification of funds. And plans with family and friends to group up if necessary. With an eye on civil unrest, and prolonged interruption of utility services, and law enforcement. Stand your ground situations.
  10. John I’m sorry to hear of your health issues. I’ll say some prayers for your improvement.
  11. We were talking at work today about being prepared and our plans should things go south. So it took me down a rabbit hole again. We’ve all expressed from time to time about getting older, with all the changes that brings. Health, speed, flexibility and even recovery time from injury or heavy workloads. I myself have resolved that my wife and I are no longer able to effectively hold out in a long term situation, so we’re adjusting our plans to accommodate that. And that I’ve changed our position to more of a supportive role than being high speed low drag. (although I’ve never been that high of speed). 😕 That said how has age altered your preparation strategy? Frank
  12. Nothing…. Absolutely nothing.
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