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  1. muddyduck

    In for my 2000 mile tuneup.

    Fantastic news!! My FIL had an artificial valve that you could hear clicking along. We joked often that if we stopped hearing it, to get the defib ready. 🤪
  2. muddyduck

    Yea, It's Monday.

  3. muddyduck

    Another hate crime hoax

    This seems to be a growing trend, and a disturbing one too. Making up “news” to fit a narrative is a VERY dangerous presidance.
  4. muddyduck

    Oath of Enlistment

    Congratulations and my gratitude to her and your family.
  5. muddyduck

    Lemme kiss the boo boo!

    Wait a minute, I watched that video 50 times and never noticed a pig!!
  6. muddyduck

    Leather Holster Owie.........

    OUCH!! Now that’s a shot in the *zz
  7. muddyduck

    Yup, it's Monday again.

  8. muddyduck

    The sooner the better.

    GREAT NEWS!!! Welcome back and so glad to hear from you. We’ll keep you in our prayers for your full recovery.
  9. muddyduck

    The sooner the better.

    Praying for you brother. We look forward to hearing fro YOU afterwards about the surgery too.
  10. muddyduck

    Missing Detent Spring and Pin

    Hmmmm, I’m going to have to find one of those. Looking at this later after posting my first response, I can make one of those in an hour or so.
  11. muddyduck

    Possible gathering

    That’s a 6.5 hour drive for me.
  12. muddyduck

    Missing Detent Spring and Pin

    I think we ALL can relate to that one. 🤪
  13. muddyduck

    Dies, bullets...

    Nice! If it were me, even if I didn’t “need” the dies I’d keep them anyway. I traded off some dies earlier in my life that now I wished I had.
  14. muddyduck

    The Real Gunsmith

    I just watched a couple of his videos, there pretty good so far, at least in my inexperienced brain.
  15. muddyduck

    38 dies

    Spacers!?? My 1975 RCBS dies didn’t come with spacers!!! You young guys have it way t easy.