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  1. I’d be willing to bet if you could follow the money there’s been some hand shake deal someplace for this, and a few are planning on making a ton of money from it at our expense. Frank.
  2. Good morning everyone from Nebraska
  3. I F-ING HATE USPS!!! Guaranteed every time something is delivered by them, it is 1 to 2 days late at minimum.
  4. I fled that crap hole in 2012, and never looked back.
  5. Good morning everyone from Nebraska
  6. Good morning everyone from Nebraska
  7. Good morning everyone from Nebraska
  8. I’ve seen that happen too many times to count. Product weight was too light for the sheet used, and the layer sheets to slick. Easy mistake, tough to clean up... Frank
  9. Exactly! Given how they’ve been acting over the past 4 years, we owe the NOTHING. No grace, no voice, no quarter! Screw them and their threats. Move on with it!
  10. Good morning everyone from Nebraska
  11. So sorry for your loss. Time does help, but there’s always a small void.
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