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  1. codyh

    Newbie from Northern Indiana

    Welcome. Where do you go shoot at? I also live in south bend.
  2. Everyone has opinions on the right stuff. But IMO its what you find that works. I like to use mpro 7 to clean and lithium grease to lube, or motor oil. People cringe around here when they hear that butt I've yet to have a malfuncion due to lack of lubrication. Its down to personal preference when it comes to YOUR weapons.
  3. You can contact places and ask. You have tactical response, LMS defense and I cannot remember Pat Rodgers school, but I know they do classes around the states. Also, ice training. Rob Pincus is a great instructor.
  4. Chappy runs a top notch class. His instructors know what they're doing and have the knowledge of what they train and then some. If you ever get a chance to train with LMS you wont regret it. Hopefully you didn't go drinking with Yancey...
  5. codyh

    Docter Reflex 3.5 MOA

    For thee price they are nice. They are good optics and will also have a warranty if something happens to break.
  6. codyh

    My son goes in for sentancing today.

    Tell him to keep his head up no matter what the out come may be. Best of luck to him.
  7. codyh

    Welcome To AR15Armory.com

    Hey guys. I'm Cody from Indiana. I've been in competition shooting for many years and taken a few classes here and there. Hoping to sit back and learn a little bit daily.