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  1. rocky309a

    Yankee Hill Machine?

    Welcome to the armory. There are great people here that know tons more than me. Thanks to everyone that helps out my buddy. I'll see what info I can find for you pal.
  2. rocky309a

    f-marked FSB

    Congrats. Let me know how it works out for you. I was strongly looking at their products. However, the budget was allowing me to get anything from them. I'm thinking about getting a longer upper from them later down the road for longer distance shooting.
  3. rocky309a

    f-marked FSB

    Sweet. I can breathe. Well, my entire upper is from Del-ton and it should be another... 5 weeks before I get it. Haha. I'm definately looking forward to it. It sucks just looking at the completely built lower and not being able to shoot. :-)
  4. rocky309a

    f-marked FSB

    First off, thank you to everyone that has helped me with valuable information so far. I've built my lower and have ordered a custom upper/barrel assembly: Delton Flat top upper with an F-marked FSB. I have a very miniscule understanding of the FSB's. Will this F-marked FSB work with the DTI Flip up rear sight? Or, will I run into problems with adjusting for elevation? I still have time to call the company to change this if I've made a mistake in my choice. Perhaps I should have stuck with the standard A2 FSB. Any help would be much appreciated. Once I'm done putting everything together, I'll post some pictures to share with everyone. Can't Wait to have it finished. Edit: The barrel is 16" with a midlength gas system. I'm not sure if this will matter with my question.
  5. rocky309a

    My new lower frame!

    Good Luck. The home page has a nice link at the bottom that has instructions on building a lower. It is very helpful. I just finished putting together my first lower two days ago using the link. Happy Building. It feels great to build it yourself.
  6. rocky309a

    Build Help?

    Thanks everyone. I've purchased a VLTOR Mil-spec Butstock from a local gun parts store. The owner assured me that I should stick with an H2 buffer for Mid-length gas system. He also added that it would be a good all around buffer for any length gas system after I expressed to him that I would be getting a rifle length upper later down the road. Anybody with comments to this?
  7. rocky309a

    Build Help?

    Awesome. I've searched online for a short time and was finding it difficult to figure out the gas systems. Thanks. Now it's time to get back to perusing what the different parts sites have to offer.
  8. rocky309a

    Build Help?

    Thanks a bunch. This is what I really needed to better understand the buffering system. I'm planning on shooting 5.56 and your starting point sounds like the way to go. At least I can modify one way or the other from there. I'm actually thinking about going with an adjustable stock, so the receiver extension would be a must. Any advice on how to tell the difference between "carbine", "midlength", and "full length" gas systems? Is it based off of the length of the barrel or where/how the gas tube is placed?
  9. rocky309a

    Build Help?

    I have two questions rolled into one. I finally am on the road to building my first AR with a stripped lower. It is a Barnes Precision Machine Mil Spec Forged 7075 Hard Anodized Lower. My question(s) is/are: How do I know what type of buffer setup that I need and do I need to purchase one that is Mil-Spec? I would like to purchase an upper with a 16" barrel and my understanding of buffers is that I will need to get a carbine buffer setup if the upper is considered "carbine". However, I do not know what is considered a carbine. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated. Maybe even some good references to reading material to school myself on pertinent AR-15 building information.
  10. rocky309a

    Hearing Protection

    Definately plugs first then muffs second. I've made the mistake of only wearing muffs and can still feel an uncomfortable amount of concussion in my ears from other muzzle blasts. The 3M plugs or something similar in design are great. Besides, you can clean them and reuse them.
  11. rocky309a

    Backordered till Late Spring???????????

    Good luck on getting everything. Share with us a picture of the end product. I'm sure you'll be having loads of fun once you put the last part of the puzzle together. I'm still deciding on if I want to build my first AR or buy a complete rifle.
  12. rocky309a

    My BCM middy

    Love the Zombie Killer etching on the dust cover. Ads a very nice touch.
  13. rocky309a

    AR 15 newb

    I'm still watching for an awesome deal to come up. Once I get one, we can unload a few hundred on some unsuspecting targets.
  14. rocky309a

    AR 15 newb

    Thanks, I would think that Bushmaster would be built better than that. But, what do I know. Still learning. There are so many various companies out there that I'm having a tough time absorbing all the information from each individual manufacturers products. What are your thoughts on building a rifle starting from a stripped down lower? If it is going to take specialized tools, then I don't know if it would be worth it since I don't own any.
  15. rocky309a

    AR 15 newb

    Thank you to everyone that took the time to reply. Every little bit helps out. I've recently learned about Rock River Arms and Spikes Tactical as well. It looks like I have my research cut out for me. Wish I had a cheaper hobby, but this is just so addicting and fun. God Bless America.