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  1. thanks for the info, it helps out. when i get it finished i'll post pics on here.
  2. ok, so when i was much younger, around 9, my uncle gave me this beat up old japanese rifle. it has since sat in my closet and then gun cabinet. i now want to restor it, or at least get it back to looking good and working. it is a type 99 arisaka its one of the early manufacures and still has the mum intact the stock it busted pretty bad at the hand grip, it looks like someone tried to pry up the rear stock tang and the trigger guard as well so they are bent pretty bad. most of the part look like they are in pretty good condition. can anyone point me in the direction of some info on the type of finish was original on the metal parts and the stock? this is going to be a mid tour project for myself and i ust trying to gather all the info i can at the moment. thanks for any info you can supply.
  3. i think i would go with the rem 1100 auto gun. vangcomp barrel (port and comp) with a good choke extended chargeing latch 5-6 rd side saddle bigger safty if avalible ghost ring iron night sights extended elevation lever (dont know what its really called, but its the part that lifts the rounds up out of the tube so the bolt can feed them into the chamber) and a good single point sling. i own a 870 magnum express with a magazine extention tube and pistole grip. its a solid reliable gun, but a mossburg 500 is alot lighter.
  4. SgtHooah04

    It Begins.

    good looking guns. gets addicting doesnt it
  5. what they said, lol. im always to late to add anything constructive, lol
  6. the BCG doesnt matter unless your actually trying to get full auto, lol. i run FA BCG because that what i like, i feel like they are better balanced. its total kakah but its what i tell myself at night, lol
  7. shivers in grunt boot at mention of submarines....and underwater... ,lol. but that is an awsome story
  8. the fun part is when your made to do this in a humvee simulator....but dont use humvees
  9. i was wondering when they were going to start useing the tech and research from the XM8 project,lol. this is basicly a bigger, full weapon version of the 25mm grenade launcher that was suposed to be part of the XM8 rifle. the same concept and everything. the optics would me a range finder and computer to program the rounds to detonate at a certain time. with a 25mm you dont have to put a whole lot of arc to it, lol so point and shoot would be an ability with this (or at least the xm8 version)
  10. i think what he's trying to say is that being married doesnt make you a man, and not being married doesnt mean that your not. everyone keeps trying to argue the point of what he's saying is wrong because he has a child, while that not the point of his statement. he also said that if he was with a woman who had a child, his or not, he would step up and take responsibility for it. i agree with him. simply being married doesnt automaticly make you a man. im not married and im pretty sure im a man. i have no wife or children, pretty sure im still a man. were i to get a woman pregnant im hopeing she would already be my wife, but if not i would do everything in my power to ensure that child was raised the right way married or not. i also agree with the artical, its a good one and as far as i understand it right on point.
  11. guy sounds like a jerk. you run into people like that. like to puff up their chest and inflate their ego with stuff they havent done or know much if anything about. all i can do with poeple like that is shake my head and walk away. most people that have been there and have done it, dont talk about it unless you ask them, even then some still dont talk about it. i dont know if they are just trying to make themselves feel better, or they are trying to impress other people. im currently serveing and i still dont understand people like that.
  12. lets just say that if a weapon system is avalible, either in full production or proto-typed, the socom operators (sf,delta,seals,ect) have probibly got a few in their arms room. so you will probibly never know. could be anything. were i to hazard a guess, this was a fast raid, in and out, insert and extract by chopper. so no real need to have weapons chambered in the local calibar. this, to me, would eliminate 7.62x39, and .308. unless they has sniper/SDM on the perimiter. i would say 6.8 or 5.56. the weapon system.... what flavor of ice cream do you like? Scars,M4, anything under the sun. but im going to say that more then likly they were all suppressed. make things way easier to comunicate, conceal positions ect. thats just a guess. i could be wrong and they used silenced .22's for all i know. unless they give us the photos, and i might state a huge controversy with this and i appologize, we dont even know if they accualy got him when they say they did. im going to believe that we did untill someone shows proof that we didnt though. im just saying the timings pretty conviniant for a few people.
  13. you guys are starting to get around everwhere, lol. great stuff by the way. first time i heard about you was when i was stationed at ft. lewis now you are everywhere. love your stuff keep it up.
  14. there are two versions of the redi-mag. the first one is the one that covers the entier top of the mag. the second version is skeletonized to reduce weight, they are pretty much the same thing with a little bit of tweeking. the concept behind it is that you only have to move your magazine about one inch to do your reload makeing it very fast, as opposed to drawling it from a pocket or pouch. it works its a nice system but it does add weight to the gun. i think if you like it use it, im not a big fan of them but i dont see why they shouldnt be given a chance
  15. I use alot of stuff from mag pull. but i started out with p-mags, then the BAD lever (which i LOVE). then i got the sling plate and sling. i really dont like their grips though, i just run a cheap ergo and its pretty good for me. i got a set of the mbuis for one of my rifles and they work pretty well. i would say their the best but for what they are they are pretty good and reliable. rail covers i like alot, mix and match colors and they allow me to put them just about anywhere i want them and stay there. afg looks nice but id rather run a stubby vertical. i have their crt stock one one rifle but,in all reality it doesnt out preform other like it that iv seen, i was just going for a good fit and least amount of material in the stock. like everyone else is saying it all comes down to shooters prefrence. i love the sling and plate set up and i wouldnt part with my bad lever if you paid me....well maybe but i would just buy another one. p-mag are reliable as all get out. i like magpul and thing they put out alot of good products but i woulnt say they are the best of everything.
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