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  1. i will trade him a M&P15 for it! i would love to have one of those bad boys
  2. Microsoft just announced they were going to be eliminating 18,000 jobs
  3. it would have to be a shat ton of freebies to make up for the lack of pay
  4. I have a GHB I carry in my vehicle with me, I'm usually by myself but it will get atleast one other person home with me. I ALWAYS have a case of water in the trunk and I usually strap the AR in to a gun rack in the trunk when I go out of town in the state. As for the bag itself, has medical supplies some snacks a note pad toilet paper a couple shooter bottles of alcohol and some ammo for the pistol and rifle, it is small light and easy to use, i keep a larger bag with more food and what not in the trunk as well, i can just grab some of it and leave the rest with the vehicle or someone else can carry it if they are with me. This is also Wyoming and im pretty sure the only thing that would really happen in this state is the super volcano under yellowstone going up in which case it doesnt matter for me i wont last long, and neither will most everone else south and east of us....
  5. i make 400 working 4 days a week plus i have full bennefits and paid vaction, at a gas station......
  6. id take one of these http://www.flyskyrunner.com/
  7. well when you cant beat your child in to line for fear of going to jail for child abuse it gets sketchy. A good old passionate ass whooping everytime some of these kids stepped out of line and they would start straightening up...
  8. My wife is going on a tangent about how they CAN NOT MAKE THOR A FEMALE
  9. good deal, ask away if you have any questions, and also check out Helifreak.com and Rchelination.com too. great info on both sites
  10. 600mm blades from tip to tip plus the head and grips put it at right around roughly 4.5 foot rotor disk and weighed in at around 12 pounds. Sadly i dont have that one any more... stacked in a couple weeks back and it was a full rekit so i sold the good parts and cut my losses. i will get a 550 or a 700 next. the 450 will fly so much better than the micros will but they are still a little squirelly and they need alot more open space. The Blade 450x isnt a bad deal for what it is thats what mine used to be, i dont know what you are using for a transmitter setup but if you need a good name brand beginner Tx i have a spektrum DX6i ill sell you. and if you havent already go buy a simulator. it will save you ALOT of monies. here is a size comparison between a 450 a 500 and a 600
  11. Heli's are awesome, but the can become addictive! i just picked up a plane and engine from our club funfly going to get it finished up this week along with fixing a helicopter If anyone has questions or is interested in this hobby feel free to get ahold of me i will help the best i can!
  12. I fly Helis! currently all grounded but i do fly them! my blade 450x that is no longer much of a blade, align servos Typhoon motor YEP45A ESC lynx frame and stretch kit swinging 325-360mm blades at 3400rpm IU2.
  13. this is a little more my style..
  14. thanks guys! I know i havent been around much for the past year or so, been busy with doctors and other things and got laid off last week.
  15. M&P-15 geissele flat bar 4lbs trigger, 10 Pmags, MagPul AFG2, MIAD full grip kit, troy flip up rear sights, nikon p223 with 20MOA mount, cleaning kit double rifle case $1800
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